“Lost In You”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed By Helen Takkin (2016)

“Lost In You”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed By Helen Takkin.

Directed by:  Helen Takkin

Starring:  Andero Ermel and  Karin Rask

Cinematographer: Meelis Veeremets
Gaffer: Tõnis Tuuga
Set Designer: Eva-Maria Gramakovski
Costume: Jörgen Terepson
Mövi and Drone Operator: Jaan Kronberg
Makeup an Hair: Hella Marats, Karolina Veetamm


Sound recording: Martin Vinkel
Sound design: Romet Pott
Music: Chad Lawson


Producer: Peeter Järvelaid
Production Manager: Liina Tiido
Location Manager: Toomas Külaots


Editor: Johannes Arro
Color Grade: Evar Anvelt
Online Editor: Marion Koppel
Postproduction: Tallinn Postworks
1AC: Mihkel Soe
2AC: Erik Õunapuu
Electricians: Silver Soe, Markus Orav, Volmer Kliimand
Set Design Assistant: Jaan Kontkar


Website: http://shp.tv/talent/helen-takkin/

“James Raffan”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film For Adventure Canada Directed By Jason van Bruggen (2016)

“James Raffan” is a Cinematic Poem Promotional Short Film For Adventure Canada Directed By Jason van Bruggen

Directed by:  Jason van Bruggen


Agency and Production Company: DOT DOT DASH
Director of Photography: Kiel Milligan
Writer: James Raffan
Editor: Monica Remba
Colour: Wade Odlum
Sound: Harry Knazan


“A piece we made about our friend, Arctic Explorer and author, James Raffan. Filmed on behalf of Adventure Canada in the Canadian and Greenlandic High Arctic, featuring some of our favourite locations and communities in the Far North.”


Website:  http://www.jasonvanbruggen.com/



“Orphic”: A Cinematic Creative Fashion Short Film Directed By Esther Dorhout Mees (2016)

“Orphic”: A Cinematic Creative Fashion Short Film For Dorhout Mees Label Directed By Esther Dorhout Mees.

Produced and Directed by:  Esther Dorhout Mees


Original Music & Sound Design: Guido Maat

Producer: Pamela Menzo
Director of Photography: Ezra Reverda
Model: Kiki Visser
Focuspuller: Kevin idal
Drone: Thijm Huijbrechtse
Gaffer: Huib Berkhoff
Light Assistant: Dennis Vlot
3D Light Projection: Edward van Dongen
Editor: Wouter van Luijn

Grading: Daphne Maierna at Darlings Postproductions
VFX: Darlings Post Productions
MUA: Katinka Gernant
Hair Stylist: Team Hester Wernert


“A love story..”

“ORPHIC (adj.): mysterious and entrancing beyond ordinary understanding”


Website:  http://dorhout-mees.com/


“The Wet Desert”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film In The UK Directed By Max Smith (2016)

“The Wet Desert” is a Cinematic Poem Ecology Short Film in the United Kingdom Directed By Max Smith.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Max Smith


Written and Narrated by:  Ben Smith
Production Company:  Fatsand Films
Camera Assistant:    Michael Hodges

“Somewhere here, a landscape has been lost…”

“In the U.K. we often regard moorland landscapes, such as the Highlands of Scotland, The Lake District and Dartmoor, as symbols of wilderness. However, these places have been farmed, mined and inhabited by people for millennia, and have felt the presence of humans longer than many of our urban centres.


The ecologist Frank Fraser Darling coined the phrase “wet desert” to describe the landscape of Dartmoor, such was the lack of biodiversity that he found there. But in hidden corners of the moor, relics of its past cling on – stands of trees coated in moss and fern, supporting a range of plant and animal life – relics that point to the bizarre fact that when humans first arrived here, these open landscapes were temperate rainforests.”


Website:  http://maxsmith.tv/


“Olympic NP”: A Cinematic Nature Short Film Of Washington State Ecosystems Directed By Rudy Wilms (2016)

“Olympic NP” is a Cinematic Nature Short Film of the Ecosystems In Washington State National Park  Directed By Rudy Wilms.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Rudy Wilms


“This Movie is a first of four movies in this part we will share the highlights of the three eco-systems of the park, and will be making three more videos of the Olympic Mountains, Olympic Rainforests and Olympic Pacific Coast.


The Olympic National Park is located northwest of Washington State; the diversity in the park is spectacular. Within the park are three ecosystems from the wild and mostly foggy pacific coastline to the snow covered alpine peaks of the Olympic Mountains with its fabulous wild flower meadows to the temperate rain forests with its lush and green moss covered conifer trees and wildlife”.


Website:  http://www.rudywilms.com/


“The Eternal Moment Of Now”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film Directed By Shawn Reeder (2016)

“The Eternal Moment Of Now” is a Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film Directed By Shawn Reeder.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Shawn Reeder


Music by:  Shaun Diaz (“Enchanted”)


“In a world filled with distractions, there’s an art to being present. More than ever we have a million different places outside of ourself to place our attention and yet when we truly tune into the present moment, we realize that’s all there ever really is, The Eternal Moment Of Now.”


Website:  http://www.shawnreeder.com/

“Ancient Ranges Of Trembling Aspens”: A Cinematic Aerial Short Film In Canada Directed By Marty Mellway (2016)

“Ancient Ranges Of Trembling Aspens” is a Cinematic Aerial Short Film in the Northern Rockies, British Columbia, Canada, Directed By Marty Mellway.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Marty Mellway


Music by:  Gustavo Santaolalla


“Exploring the vibrant northern fall. Filmed in the Northern Rockies, BC, Canada.”


Website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mmellway/



“Luscious”: A Cinematic Visual Poem Animation Short Film Directed By Amber Xu (2016)

“Luscious” is a Cinematic Visual Poem Animation Short Film Directed By Amber Xu.

Animation, Motion Graphics Design and Directed by: Amber Xu

Original Music by:  WenguHu


“ ‘Luscious’ is a 2D motion graphics video looks at human nature, human instinct and the power of imagination. Minimally styled illustrations tell the story of a beautiful woman who achieves satisfaction by having a psychedelic, metaphoric, sensual journey during dinner. The film’s goal is “not only deliver pleasure images but raise the spectre of unlimited pleasure.”

Luscious Cinematic Visual Poem Animation Short Film Animated and Directed by Amber XU in 2016.jpg

Article on short film:



Website:  http://www.amberxu.com/

“None”: A Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed By Ash Thorp (2016)

“None”: A Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed By Ash Thorp.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Ash Thorp

COMPOSER – Ben Lukas Boysen


“NONE is a short film that explores the balance of light and darkness.  It has a personal narrative which plays with the notion of finding yourself amidst the noise around you.”


Article on Production of “NONE”:


Website:  http://www.ashthorp.com/

“The Aleph”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Of Story By Jorge Luis Borges By Cenk Güzeliş (2016)

“The Aleph” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Featuring Short Story By Jorge Luis Borges Directed By Cenk Güzeliş.

Production Design and Directed by: Cenk Güzeliş

Animation Supervisor:  Nic Clear
Typewriter Documentation: Clara Fickl
Music by:   AlienHand (“Circle of Life”)
                     The Great Schizm (“The Cloud Hunter”)
                     Aphex Twin (“Stone in Focus:)
Site:  Gallitzinberg, Austria
Narrated by:  Will Stafford
“Aleph, found in the woods of Vienna, is a point in a space which contains all the points of universe, where all the universe can be observed without distortion or confusion. Animated film based on the short story by Jorge Luis Borges.”
Excerpts from “The Aleph” by Jorge Luis Borges
“On the back part of the step, toward the right, I saw a small iridescent sphere of almost jorge-luis-borges-the-alephunbearable brilliance. At first I thought it was revolving; then I realized that this movement was an illusion created by the dizzying world it bounded. The Aleph’s diameter was probably little more than an inch, but all space was there, actual and undiminished. Each thing (a mirror’s face, let us say) was infinite things, since I distinctly saw it from every angle of the universe. I saw the teeming sea; I saw daybreak and nightfall; I saw the multitudes of America; I saw a silvery cobweb in the center of a black pyramid; I saw a splintered labyrinth (it was London); I saw, close up, unending eyes watching themselves in me as in a mirror; I saw all the mirrors on earth and none of them reflected me;
I saw the rotted dust and bones that had once deliciously been Beatriz Viterbo; I saw the circulation of my own dark blood; I saw the coupling of love and the modification of death; I saw the Aleph from every point and angle, and in the Aleph I saw the earth and in the earth the Aleph and in the Aleph the earth; I saw my own face and my own bowels; I saw your face; and I felt dizzy and wept, for my eyes had seen that secret and conjectured object whose name is common to all men but which no man has looked upon — the unimaginable universe.”

An Important Emerging Creative Short Film Genre.