“Hold My Hand – Altair & Vega”: A Cinematic Short Film Adaptation Directed By Arbaaz Shroff (2013)

“Hold My Hand – Altair & Vega” is a Cinematic Short Film Adaptation of the novel “Hold My Hand” by Durjoy Datta Directed By Arbaaz Shroff.

Written & Directed by ARBAAZ SHROFF

A HONG KONG TOURISM BOARD presentation, in association with WHISTLING WOODS INTERNATIONAL Film School.


The romantic story of a young Indian couple in Hong Kong, created by Durjoy Datta for Hold My Hand, endures a short film adaptation of the popular novel. Through the film, you can see the couple’s romance blossom against a series of beautiful Hong Kong backdrops – on crowded, energetic streets and quiet, leafy paths; under glowing neon signs and red chinese lanterns; in vibrant theme parks and serene temples; and overlooking the iconic Victoria Harbour, the love between Deep and Ahana lives on.

Winner of the “Hold My Hand in Hong Kong Short Film Award 2013”.

Cast & Crew

Cast – Nakul Sahdev, Lianne Texeira

Writer, Director – Arbaaz Shroff

Unit Co-ordinator – Michael Poon

Producer – Prachi Sinha

Cinematographer – Kaushal Shah

Editor – Rishabh Rastogi

Sound Designer & Original Music – Abhinav Agnihotri

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