“Nature’s Wonders”: Panoramic Trailer For “Moving Art” Series From Director Louie Schwartzberg (2014)

Directed by:  Louie Schwartzberg

Music By:  Ludovico Einaudi, Johann Johannsson and Gary Malkin

Nature's Wonders Cinematic Trailer Short Film Directed by Louie Schwartzberg

In this 4-part series from Netflix, Louie takes viewers on an inspiring journey into DesertsFlowersOceans and Forests, accompanied by a soaring soundtrack by Ludovico EinaudiJohann Johannsson, and Gary Malkin.  Louie’s meticulous visual attention to detail captures the beauty and majesty of the natural world like no other cinematographer and leaves viewers with a renewed sense of wonder. 

See the elegance of a flower coming to life, the power of the ocean, the mesmerizing desert night sky, and the gentle giants in the deep forests. We are all connected. Changing your perspective, can change your LIFE.

One thought on ““Nature’s Wonders”: Panoramic Trailer For “Moving Art” Series From Director Louie Schwartzberg (2014)”

  1. I am absolutely in awe of these majestic videos. I was lying in bed one night, wide awake, when I decided to turn on Netflix. It was 2 in the morning. I clicked on Waterfalls and oh, the beauty and wonders of it all. I had to see all the videos in there. Its amazing how, in the middle of the night, the mind begins to open and you begin to think of the life out there. What God has created. Watching this made me think of those grand places on this planet, things no human can ever see. It was amazing. I love how my mind just opened up. It was like an out of body experience. The soundtrack was majestic. Loved it all.

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