“The Riddle”: A Cinematic Narrated Short Film In Tibet By Nitin Das (2014)

“The Riddle” is a cinematic narrated time-lapse short film in India produced and directed by Nitin Das.

“What lies between memory and imagination? A short riddle to realize an interesting thought.”

Filmed and Directed by:  Nitin Das

Voice: Suhanee Bhogra
Additional visuals: Sunil Chauhan spitiecosphere.com
Music: Podington Bear (Light Touch) podingtonbear.com

The Riddle narrated short film by Nitin Das 2014

The Riddle

“What lies between Memory and Imagination?
In between Thoughts and Feelings
In between Hope and Fear
In between Happiness and Sadness

You won’t find it
in Love or Hate
in Pain or Pleasure
in Success or Failure
in Good or Bad

Look closely,
You will find it in between
Heaven and Hell,
in between the Past and the Future
in between your Memory and your Imagination.”

Realize it

Website:   http://www.filmkaar.com/

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