“Piano Works 13”: A Cinematic Experimental Short Film Featuring Four Dancers Directed By Julien Martorel (2013)

“Piano Works 13” is a cinematic experimental short film featuring four dance styles directed by Julien Martorell.

Directed by: Julien Martorell

Edited by: Alex Tissot
DOP: Raphael Bauche

Music composed by:  Polerik Rouviere

Produced by: onirim.com

Official Selection ÉCU 2013, European Experimental Film
Choregraphy program Mecal International Short Film Festival
Official Selection Dance and Media Japan International VideoDance Festival 2013

Pianoworks 13 is a short movie, which combines live action and motion design. Over an original soundtrack played by Polerik Rouviere, four dancers perform different styles (break dance, new style, popping). The film illustrates the link between body, instrument and instrumentalist. The moves give birth to a sort of calligraphic language which is a representation of the moves themselves.

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