“Melancholy”: A Creative Fashion Short Film By Damien Krisl (2012)

“Melancholy” is a cinematic creative fashion short film directed by Damien Krisl.

Directed by:   Damien Krisl

Production Company: Eclumes Studios eclumes.com
Model First Shot: Caro Ladwig
Model old Location: Veronika Thonka
Model Cotton Wool: Marie Helene Dutly
Model Tear: Michelle Mülbrecht
Model Figure Skating: Jeannine Mülbrecht
Model Wave: Jamie Vandyke
Styling: Lea Küng
Make up: Jehan Radwan, Marianna Mukuchyan
Astronomical Clock: Hans Lang
Sculptures: Patrice Pit Hubert 1661235.com

“Melancholia. Since we have testimony of mankind, we find it expressed in the most beautiful images, words, melodies ever conceived by human beings. Melancholy is both the guarding angle and the luring demon escorting a spirit on its walk on the edge of despair and madness. Melancholy is the longing for a completeness that is lost – often inexplicable, often incurable. And although in many cases this bittersweet solute turned out to be a deadly poison, it is the drug that lets us experience the metaphysical foundations of our existence and inspires us to transcend our limitations, guiding us towards the heartland of a territory that will never be fully discovered: our soul.

The film tries to catch the beauty of Melancholy and its transforming power; it is a time journey through a breakable world, the nostalgic and abstract thoughts and mystical places represent eternity.”

Locations: Black Rock City, Basel, Paris, White Desert Kairo, Idanha-A-Nova, Cape of Good Hope

Website:  http://damienkrisl.com/

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