“South Of Haiti”: A Cinematic Short Film Of Island Life Directed By Alex Horner (2013)

“South Of Haiti” is a Cinematic Short Film Of Island Life Directed By Alex Horner.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Alex Horner

Music Composition:  Rhian Sheehan (“A Thimble Full of Sorrow”)

Producers: Dave Ali Fils-Aimé | Dali Reel, Alex Horner | Horner Pictures, Francisco Momplaisir | J’aime les Cayes
Field sound recordist: Nick Mihalevich | Cape Status
Creole translation and adaptation: Marleen Julien
Voiceover engineer: Freddie Feldman | Vocomotion
Post-sound mix: Steve Horner

“In October 2012, Nick, Dave, Francisco and I, set off on a 10 day journey along the Southern coast of Haiti in the back of a pickup. Our goal? To capture a side of Haiti that is rarely seen. Having been to Port Au Prince multiple times, it was refreshing to see Haiti in a new light. It’s important to recognize that the images typically shown of Haiti, or any 3rd world country, do not necessarily represent the country as a whole. It has nothing to do with putting blinders on to problems and needs, but all to do with expanding your perception of a country. ”

Website:  http://hornerpictures.com/

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