“B-9: A Journey Beyond Cancer”: A Cinematic Music Short Film Directed By Shawn Reeder (2015)

“B-9: A Journey Beyond Cancer” is a Cinematic Music Short Film Directed By Shawn Reeder.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Shawn Reeder

Original Music by:  Carle Vickers

B-9  A Journey Beyond Cancer Cinematic Music Short Film Directed by Shawn Reeder in 2015

“Recently my father asked me for the most touching gift I could have ever imagined for Father’s Day. For those who don’t know, two years ago Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and he survived. He asked if I would take a song that his very good friend Carle Vickers wrote relating to Dad’s journey through cancer, and create a film with my visuals. Last night Dad premiered this film with a group of cancer survivors at a live event and the response was palpable.

With Carle’s enthusiastic blessing, George then sent the music to his son, visual artist Shawn Reeder, asking him to add his talents to the mix by creating a visual component. The evocative images herein are drawn from Shawn’s extensive travels, and were selected to soothe and inspire. This collaboration resulted in “B-9: A Journey Beyond Cancer”, a powerful message to everyone in the cancer community that life goes on and it is, indeed, beautiful.”

Website:  http://www.shawnreeder.com/

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