“Paris Noir”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Music Short Film Directed By Benjamin Trancart (2017)

“Paris Noir” is a Cinematic Time-Lapse Music Short Film Directed By Benjamin Trancart.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Benjamin Trancart 

Music by: Juliette Gréco (“Paris Canaille”)


“By dint of searching, sometimes you’ll finally find… what you were not after.”

Philppe Lejeune

“Since past years, I often dreamt of shooting time lapses. This night again, I was on top of a slate metallic roof lit by the moon. Viewpoint was awesome, opening on the seaside with a red lighthouse sweeping the mist. I was licking the salt on my lips. 
But in those dreams, i’m always late setting up my camera or i just forgot to charge my battery missing the occasion to capture this ephemeral moment.


Positive side of it is that during those dreams my brain has created fantastic images, unbelievable landscapes, volcanoes, and luxuriant forests. Some places that will never exist but that i’ll never forget. However i open my eyes and i still go and look for those places.

I’m aware that we have to live things and not look at them through the lens of a camera but harvest time is an incredible moment.


Maybe we’ll meet one night on a slate metallic roof messed around by a pale moonlight.”


Website: http://www.benjamin-trancart.com/

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