“Get Lost In Tuscany”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed By Marc Fortunato (2019)

“Get Lost In Tuscany” is a Cinematic Poem Short Travel Film Directed by Marc Fortunato.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Marc Fortunato


Drone Footage: Brandon Baxter
Starring: Leonardo Olmi
Voiceover: Marco Cortesi
Poem by: Erin Hanson

“This is a film I shot while on a cycling trip with my dad in March of 2019. Italy is a truly inspiring place and I knew that if I would have come home without this footage, it would have been a huge regret.”

Filmed in Tavarnelle, Val Di Pesa, Tuscany.

From the moment that you are in this world
They tell you what is fair.
The questions you are allowed to ask
And the ones you would not dare.

Put on the path they have paved for you,
Life pushes you along,
Without the chance to stop and think
Which path is right, whether you belong.

Website: https://www.marcfortunato.com/

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