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“The Hidden Keys”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Book Trailer For André Alexis Directed By Bruce Alcock (2016)

“The Hidden Keys” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Book Trailer For Author André Alexis Directed By Bruce Alcock of Global Mechanic.

Directed by: Bruce Alcock

Production and Animation:  Global Mechanic


“Inspired by a reading of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, The Hidden Keys questions what it means to be honorable, what it means to be faithful and what it means to sin.”



“Boys Of Blur”: Cinematic Short Film Book Trailer For Author N.D. Wilson Filmed And Produced By Gorilla Poet (2014)

Cinematic short film book trailer for “Boys Of Blur”, a new book from N.D. Wilson.  A story about a boy and the ancient secrets that hide deep in the heart of the Florida everglades near a place called Muck City.

Filmed and Produced by:  Gorilla Poet Productions

Film Narrated by:  N.D. Wilson

When Charlie moves to the small town of Taper, Florida, he discovers a different world. Pinned between the everglades and the swampy banks of Lake Okeechobee, the small town produces sugar cane . . . and the fastest runners in the country. Kids chase muck rabbits in the fields while the cane is being burned and harvested. Dodging flames and blades and breathing smoke, they run down the rabbits for three dollars a skin. And when they can do that, running a football is easy.

But there are things in the swamp, roaming the cane at night, that cannot be explained, and they seem connected to sprawling mounds older than the swamps. Together with his step-second cousin “Cotton” Mack, the fastest boy on the muck, Charlie hunts secrets in the glades and on the muck flats where the cane grows secrets as old as the soft earth, secrets that haunted, tripped, and trapped the original native tribes, ensnared conquistadors, and buried runaway slaves. Secrets only the muck knows.

Book and Film Review: