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“The Finest Of The Breed”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed By Ricardo Serrano (2017)

“The Finest Of The Breed” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film of a Charles Bukowski Poem Directed By Ricardo Serrano.

Edited, Visual Effects and Directed by: Ricardo Serrano

The Finest of the Breed Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed by Ricardo Serrano 2017

Produced by: ·W·A·C· Productions
Cinematographer: Ben Williams
Music by: Álvaro Domínguez Vázquez
Producer: Ben McFarlane
Sound by: Juan Manzed
Colorist: Rodrigo Moreno

Starring: Arlita Dos Santos and Eddie Capli

The Finest of the Breed Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed by Ricardo Serrano 2017

“After a long week of work, a woman is heading to her favourite Pub by herself, where she will have her Friday shot.”

Narrated by: Henrietta Phoebe

The Finest of the Breed Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed by Ricardo Serrano 2017

“The Finest Of The Breed” by Charles Bukowski

there’s nothing to discuss
there’s nothing to remember
there’s nothing to forget
it’s sad and it’s not sad
seems the most sensible thing a person can do
is sit with a drink in hand
as the walls wave their goodbye smiles
one comes through it all
with a certain amount of
efficiency and bravery
then leaves
some accept the possibility of God to help them get through
others take it staight on
and to these
I drink tonight.

The Finest of the Breed Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed by Ricardo Serrano 2017


“To Brooklyn Bridge”: A Cinematic Poem Animated Short Film Directed By Suzie Hanna (2013)

“To Brooklyn Bridge” is a Cinematic Poem Animated Short Film Featuring Hart Crane Proem Narrated by Tennessee Williams Directed By Suzie Hanna.

Designed, Animated and Directed by:  Suzie Hanna

Sound by: Tom Simmons
Produced by: Sally Bayley
Music by: Maurice Ravel (“Bolero”)
Music Performed by: Mengelberg Concertgebouw Orchestra


“This Poetry Animation is a representation of Hart Crane’s iconic ‘Proem’ from his epic work ‘The Bridge’. Suzie Hanna animated the film using hand cut stencils imitating some graphic aspects of contemporaneous 1920s New York artists who were in Hart Crane’s coterie, such as Joseph Stella and Marsden Hartley. She also referenced Vorticism to capture vertiginous aspects of the verse. The voice of Tennessee Williams, who was an ardent admirer of Crane, is taken from a 1960 recording. Tom Simmons has built this into a resonant dramatic soundscape which interprets the materiality of the bridge, the surrounding land and waterscape and the ‘prayerful’ qualities of the Proem. He embeds sonic references to Hart Crane’s ‘shamanic process’ in which the poet played records on his Victrola, including Ravel’s ‘Bolero’, loudly and repeatedly , whilst drinking heavily and typing phrases in manic bursts. The film is part of ongoing research into representation of poetic metaphor, between Sally Bayley, Tom Simmons and Suzie Hanna: their recent article ‘Thinking Metaphorically and Allegorically: A Conversation between the fields of Poetry, Animation and Sound’ was published in Autumn 2013 in the Journal of American Studies. A further installment has been commissioned for publication in Spring 2014.”


Read by: Tennessee Williams

“The Bridge: To Brooklyn Bridge” by Hart Crane

How many dawns, chill from his rippling rest
The seagull’s wings shall dip and pivot him,
Shedding white rings of tumult, building high
Over the chained bay waters Liberty—
Then, with inviolate curve, forsake our eyes
As apparitional as sails that cross
Some page of figures to be filed away;
—Till elevators drop us from our day …
I think of cinemas, panoramic sleights
With multitudes bent toward some flashing scene
Never disclosed, but hastened to again,
Foretold to other eyes on the same screen;
And Thee, across the harbor, silver paced
As though the sun took step of thee yet left
Some motion ever unspent in thy stride,—
Implicitly thy freedom staying thee!
Out of some subway scuttle, cell or loft
A bedlamite speeds to thy parapets,
Tilting there momently, shrill shirt ballooning,
A jest falls from the speechless caravan.
Down Wall, from girder into street noon leaks,
A rip-tooth of the sky’s acetylene;
All afternoon the cloud flown derricks turn …
Thy cables breathe the North Atlantic still.
And obscure as that heaven of the Jews,
Thy guerdon … Accolade thou dost bestow
Of anonymity time cannot raise:
Vibrant reprieve and pardon thou dost show.
O harp and altar, of the fury fused,
(How could mere toil align thy choiring strings!)
Terrific threshold of the prophet’s pledge,
Prayer of pariah, and the lover’s cry,
Again the traffic lights that skim thy swift
Unfractioned idiom, immaculate sigh of stars,
Beading thy path—condense eternity:
And we have seen night lifted in thine arms.
Under thy shadow by the piers I waited
Only in darkness is thy shadow clear.
The City’s fiery parcels all undone,
Already snow submerges an iron year …
O Sleepless as the river under thee,
Vaulting the sea, the prairies’ dreaming sod,
Unto us lowliest sometime sweep, descend
And of the curveship lend a myth to God.


“Light”: A Cinematic Creative Short Film By Patryk Kizny (2016)

“Light” is a Cinematic Creative Short Film Directed by Patryk Kizny.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Patryk Kizny

Music by:  Mat Zdziebko

Light Cinematic Creative Short Film Directed by Patryk Kizny in 2016

Dancer:  Emilia Zawalińska

Makeup & Stylist:  Klaudia Pytlarz

Hair stylist:  Remigiusz Kubisiak

Milky Way Image Courtesy of:  Serge Brunier, ESO
Sounds of Space:   Courtesy of NASA

Light Cinematic Creative Short Film Directed by Patryk Kizny

“The first exoplanet was discovered in 1992 by Prof. Aleksander Wolszczan.

Until today, we have confirmed existence of over 2000 planets in our galaxy. One in five Sun-like stars have an Earth-like planet in its habitable zone so there’s about 11 billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy.

Whatever you imagined, might take place on one of them.

Light combines imagery of an alien planet with dance performance interwoven in a minimalistic narrative form to convey the notion of light as a primary origin of all life in the Universe.”



“Heart Of A Dog”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer Directed By Laurie Anderson (2015)

“Heart Of A Dog” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer Directed By Laurie Anderson.

Written, Animated and Directed by:  Laurie Anderson

Original Musical Score by:  Laurie Anderson

Cinematography by:  Laurie Anderson, Toshiaki Ozawa and Joshua Zucker-Pluda

Edited by:  Melody London and Katherine Nolfi

Heart Of A Dog Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer Written and Directed by Laurie Anderson 2015

“Musician/performance artist Laurie Anderson has created a remarkable new film: a wry, wondrous and haunting cinematic journey through love, death and language. Centering on her beloved rat terrier Lolabelle, who died in 2011, Anderson composes a personal essay weaving together childhood memories, philosophical musings on data collection, contemporary surveillance culture and the Buddhist conception of the afterlife, as well as heartfelt tributes to the artists and thinkers who inspire her. Fusing her own witty narration with original violin compositions, hand-drawn animation and artwork, she creates a hypnotic collage of visual language out of her life and art, examining how stories are constructed and told, and how we use them to make sense of our lives.”

Heart of a Dog Film Poster Directed by Laurie Anderson 2015


“Projections In The Forest”: A Cinematic Creative Short Film By Friedrich Van Schoor & Tarek Mawad (2014)

“Projections In The Forest” is a Cinematic Creative Short Film Directed and Produced By Friedrich Van Schoor & Tarek Mawad.

Filmed and Directed by:  Friedrich Van Schoor & Tarek Mawad

Music Composed by:  Achim Treu

Projections In The Forest Cinematic Creative Short Film Directed and Produced By Friedrich Van Schoor & Tarek Mawad 2014

“The projection mapping “bioluminescent forest” is made by artists Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad.

The artists spent six weeks in the forest fascinated by the silence and natural occurrences in nature, especially the phenomenon “bioluminescence”. They personified the forest to accentuate the natural beauty by creating luring luminescent plants and glowing magical mushrooms that speaks volumes to any visitor that enters the minds of the artists through viewing “bioluminescent forest”.


“Cinema Dehors”: An Animated Mixed-Media Short Film Created By Tatiana Poliektova & Filippo Rivetti (2014)

“Cinema Dehors” is an Animated Mixed-Media Short Film Created By Animator Tatiana Poliektova and Filmmaker Filippo Rivetti

Filmed, Edited and Animated by: Tatiana Poliektova & Filippo Rivetti

Music by:  RIMSKY (“Where’s My Banjo”)

Cinema Dehors cinematic animated creative short film by Tatiana Poliektova and  Filippo Rivetti in 2014

“An experiment to combine traditional animation and timelapse photography to tell a story.  Living in the modern world we are too busy with our daily routines and addicted to technologies that sometimes we forget that the real beauty of this world is right in front of our eyes.”

Cinema Dehors cinematic animated creative short film by Tatiana Poliektova and  Filippo Rivetti

Article on filming: