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“Edges Of Sanity”: A Cinematic Poem Surf Short Film Directed By Chris McClean (2014)

“Edges Of Sanity” is a Cinematic Poem Surf Short Film In Scotland Directed By Chris McClean.

Filmed and Directed by:  Chris McClean

Original Music Soundtrack by: CJ Mirra (“Edges of Sanity”)

Poem: Dan Crockett
Narration: Charles Dance

Edges Of Sanity Cinematic Poem Surf Short Film Directed by Chris McClean

Producer: Ernest Capbert
Surfers: Noah Lane + Matt Smith
Executive Producers: Tom Kay + Gregor Matthews
Production Company:  Sea Saw Films Production

“Edges of Sanity” by Dan Crockett

“It’s been said

On far shores, weary mariners hear voices

Songs so beautiful they cast a spell

There is no choice but to hear.

They claim these whispers hold a message

Each ear hears different music

But the same call hunts the senses:

Without risk, there is no beauty

Without chance, no adventure

Through suffering, wealth without limit

So we scheme and plan

And tell nobody of our dreams

Shuffle cards, chance vague variables

And tread endless road miles until

Close against cold ground we toss and turn

And summon black water

                 *     *     *

For I am of the waiting deep

The great denier, the poised fist

Stalker of pitch oceans

Whose fingers twist about your throat…

I swallowed the sad pilgrims

Who fell to flat reef, their vessels sunk

Into water bitter as winter night

Beyond the edges of sanity

I am the waiting teeth of the rocks below

The grinning maw in the clouds

Bearer of the hourglass – killer of the short dim day

Who beckons you to dare

*     *     *

The north song does not stop

Power in that promise

Goes beyond common meanings

You have walked in footsteps new

What was before will never be again

But memories of lined faces

And in the glowing after

Breaking bread the sweetest knot

All weight shed – light extraordinary

Until my whisper comes again…

And the future begs your listening

The future begs your listening”

Edges Of Sanity Cinematic Poem Surf Short Film In Scotland Directed by Chris McClean 2014

Websites:  http://www.finisterreuk.com/notes/cat/edges-of-sanity#!edges_of_sanity


“A Norseman Poem”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film On Norway’s Xtreme Triathlon Directed By Robby MacBeath (2015)

“A Norseman Poem” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film On Norway’s Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon Directed By Robby MacBeath.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Robby MacBeath 

Produced by:  Cloudberry Media

Poem by:  Graeme Stewart

A Norseman Poem Cinematic Poem Short Film On Norway’s Xtreme Triathlon Directed By Robby MacBeath 2015


You ask me why I do the Norseman Tri?
For a wan’a be tough guy, it’s god dam must try,
As if the journey through life was not enough strife,
At some points I’ve felt lucky just not to get knifed.

From Airdrie to Eidfjord is a long way to walk,
But I was never one to follow the flock,
I rose to my potential the growth was exponential,
But now’s become essential to prove my TRI credentials.

In to the water and no there’s chance of a re-board,
The time has come to man up and become lord of this Fjord,
Swimming with my Norsemen it fills me with majesty,
But getting there first is the only winning strategy.

Then it’s time to hammer to the Hadanger,
You gotta push hard and need strong mental armour,
Climbing up Imingfjell, it feels like I’m in hell,
Don’t dwell, have a gel, I’ll get through this bad spell.

Then at last the final mile is in sight,
Oh shit, wait a minute, that mile is in height!
But there’s no stoppin’ on Gaustatoppin
And I’ll get to the top without my legs poppin’.

Then when alls said and done, it was quite an achievement,
Although at some points I thought it’d end in bereavement,
But with my Norseman companions, it came in my stride,
And now I’ll go home and wear my Black T-shirt with pride.

A Norseman Poem Cinematic Poem Short Film On Norway’s Xtreme Triathlon By Robby MacBeath 2015

Website:  http://www.cloudberry.no/

“Light Therapy”: A Cinematic Surfing Short Film Directed By Riley Blakeway (2015)

“Light Therapy”: A Cinematic Surfing Short Film in Austalia and New Zealand Directed By Riley Blakeway.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Riley Blakeway

Original Music by: Sasami Ashworth

Light Therapy Cinematic Surfing Short Film in Australia and New Zealand Directed By Riley Blakeway 2015

Featuring: Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius, Nate Tyler
Score Produced by: Avi Zahner
Water Cinematography: Talon Clemow
Second Camera: Aidan Stevens
Supported by: Monster Energy / RED Camera

Colored at The Mill Los Angeles
Colorist: Nick Sanders
Executive Producer, Color: Thatcher Peterson
Color Producer: Antonio Hardy
Production Coordinator, Color: Diane Valera

“‘Light Therapy’ – 2015 REDirect surf film festival entry. Filmed on location in New Zealand and Australia, ‘Light Therapy’ was carefully shot with the intention of utilising only available light within the hours of dawn and dusk, over a month spent with surfers Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius and Nate Tyler.”

Light Therapy Cinematic Surfing Short Film Directed By Riley Blakeway

Website:  http://rileyblakeway.com/

“All The Way”: A Cinematic Kiteboarding Short Film By Olivier Sautet (2015)

“All The Way” is a Cinematic Kiteboarding Short Film Featuring Paul Serin Directed By Olivier Sautet.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Olivier Sautet

Production Company:  Petole Productions

Music by:  Hélène Grimaud (Johann Sebastian Bach)

Poem Composed by:  Charles Bukowski (“All The Way”)

Poem Read by:  Tom O’Bedlam

All The Way Cinematic Kiteboarding Short Film Directed by Olivier Sautet 2015

“As the saying goes: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Great rewards wait for those that strive to achieve. Dedicated to his craft both on and off the water, Naish Kiteboarding rider Paul Serin is driven by a passion to push ever further. What drives you? What will you accomplish? ”

Websites:  http://petoleprod.com/


All The Way Cinematic Kiteboarding Short Film Directed by Olivier Sautet


“Sky”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In Dubai By Philip Bloom (2010)

“Sky” is a Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In Dubai Directed By Philip Bloom.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Philip Bloom

Music by:  Clint Mansell (“The Fountain”)

Filmmaker Philip Bloom
Filmmaker Philip Bloom

Production Sponsors:  Media Prima and Talkabout Media

“Filmed in Dubai over 5 days and nights…and dedicated to Sky Vassar who died recently at a tragically young age.”

Website:  http://philipbloom.net/blog/

“Sounds Of Paragliding”: A Cinematic Short Film Of Théo de Blic Directed By Adrien Nisan (2014)

“Sounds Of Paragliding” is a Cinematic Short Film featuring aerobatic paraglider  Théo de Blic Directed By Adrien Nisan.

Filmed and Directed by:  Adrien Nisan (Shams)

Music Composed by:   Thomas Newman (“Brooks Was Here”)

Sound Engineer : Thibaut Darscotte

Paragliding Pilot:  Théo de Blic

Sounds Of Paragliding A Cinematic Short Film Of Théo de Blic Directed By Adrien Nisan sound engineer

Théo de Blic welcomes you to a unique experience: The Sounds of Paragliding. Listen to nature’s harmony while the young pilot rhythms the melody with aerobatic paragliding.

Website:  http://www.shams.fr/

“Mexico Waterfalls”: A Cinematic Slow Motion Kayaking Short Film By Mike McKay (2014)

“Mexico Waterfalls” is a cinematic slow motion short film of kayaker Emrick Blanchette filmed and directed by Mike McKay.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Mike McKay

Paddler: Emrick Blanchette

Music Composed by: James Newton Howard

Produced by:  Five2Nine

Location: Rio Jalacingo & Cascada Tomata, Rio Alseseca, Tlapacoyan, Vera Cruz

Website:  http://five2nine.ca/

“A Test Of Time”: Cinematic Poem Short Film Profile Of Motocross Racer Andrew Short Directed By Kyle Cowling (2013)

“At the end of this journey, the houses, the cars, all of the monetary gains as a whole will merely be insignificant. All that will truly matter is the growth of your offspring, and the guidance you can give them on their path to greatness.” A short film featuring BTO/KTM athlete, Andrew Short.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:   Kyle Cowling

Produced by:  Fly Racing  (www.flyracing.com)

Original Score by: Oliver Lyu
Sound Design: Oliver Lyu
Art Direction/Title Design: Ben Giese
Written By: Nick Thiel
Narration: Bryan Friday
Still Photography: Todd Gutierrez

Website:  http://www.themediumcg.com

“Valhalla – Trailer 2”: A Creative Cinematic Poem From Sweetgrass Productions Director Nick Waggoner (2013)

Patagonia Presents, a Sweetgrass Productions Film: “VALHALLA”

Directed by:  Nick Waggoner

Starring Cody Barnhill, Sierra Quitiquit, Alex Monot, Pep Fujas, Zack Giffin, Eric Hjorleifson, Molly Baker, and Kazushi Yamauchi

Beyond action sports– with Valhalla’s totally unique style and structure, we’ve recognized an opportunity to put a daring new spin on the ski film, exploding the boundaries of the genre, opening the eyes and melting the hearts of any story-loving soul. With hard-hitting ski and snowboard action complimenting a more narrative-driven approach than our past films, or perhaps any other ski movie before it, we follow one man’s escape into the Northern woods, and his wild journey towards satisfaction, understanding, and love in some of the deepest snows on earth.

Weaving story and character with award-winning, face-melting backcountry ski and snowboard cinematography; Valhalla is a vivid explosion of color, character, snow, and nostalgic soul.

Supported by: Patagonia, Dynafit, Clif Bar, Outdoor Research, Backcountry.com, Blizzard/Tecnica, Powder Magazine, Zeal, Osprey, Venture Snowboards, Flylow, Gentemstick, Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine, Outside TV, and Whitewater Ski Resort.

Locations: Whitewater, BC; Rogers Pass, BC; Revelstoke, BC; Golden Alpine Holidays– Sentry, Meadow, and Sunrise Lodges, BC; Valhalla Range, BC; Haines, AK; Glacier Bay, AK; Juneau, AK; Eaglecrest, AK; Tordrillo Mountains, AK.

Athletes: Eric Hjorleifson – Cody Barnhill – Carston Oliver – Zack Giffin – Pep Fujas – Kye Petersen -Johan Olofsson – Adraon Buck – Ryland Bell – Josh Dirksen – Aidan Sheahan – Molly Baker – Forrest Shearer – Taro Tamai – Stephan Drake – Eliel Hindert – Will Cardamone – Jaime Laidlaw – Trevor Hunt – Donny Roth – Jesse Hoffman – Austin Ross – Nick McNutt – Paul Kimbrough – Thayne Rich – Kazushi Yamauchi – Keely Kelleher – Ralph Backstrom – Piers Solomon -Johan Jonsson – Alex Yoder

“Huayhuash”: Action Sports Short Film Of Mountain Biking Directed By Joey Schusler (2014)

In the winter of 2014, three friends set out on a self supported ride, looking for nothing more than a truly genuine experience. The goal: to circumnavigate one of the most wonderful and wicked mountain ranges in the world – the Huayhuash, by bicycle.

Director: Joey Schusler
Filming: Joey Schusler & Thomas Woodson
Written By: Thomas Woodson & Joey Schusler
Narration: Joey Schusler

Edit: Thomas Woodson & Joey Schusler
Design: Thomas Woodson & Human Design
Music: Thomas Kenny & Marmoset Music
Sound Design: Keith White Audio & Ryan Prater
Produced By: Joey Schusler
Executive Producers: Bike Magazine, 5Point Film, Human Design
With Support From: Yeti Cycles, Smith Optics, 5 Point Film, Bike Magazine
In Association With: Outdoor Research, Big Agnes, CamelBak, GoPro, The Feed, Revelate Designs, Big Tree Farms

Website:  http://huayhuash.bikemag.com/