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“Shapeshifter”: Animated Cinematic Poem Short Film Narrated By Gabriel Byrne Directed By Alex Weil Of CHRLX (2012)

The animated short film “Shapeshifter” was created by CHRLX. Gabriel Byrne Narrates A Journey Through A Dream World.

Director: Alex Weil

Production Company: CHRLX
Narrated by: Gabriel Byrne
Co-Director and Designer: Diana Park
3D Lead / Lead Animator: Adam Burke
Lead Animator / Animation Development: John Karian
Lead Compositing Artist: Jesse Newman
Executive Producer: Chris Byrnes
Producer: Reece Ewing


Poem:  “Dream” by Fitzgerald Scott

What are dreams?
Moments etched in time
Swept in strokes on twilight canvases
Vast as the cosmos
Quiet lullabies echoing through the purple dawn
Farthest reaches of imagination, fulfilled
Endlessly evolving
Leaps and bounds
Hidden beauty in unexpected places
Sculptures of perfect imperfections
These are dreams
Sublime journeys beyond the extraordinary
Sad shadows of requiems long ago
Forms and formlessness
Textures that radiate cascading visions and colorful sounds
Dreams that shimmer between wishes and stars
Transcendently soar
Through infinite possibilities”

Website:  http://www.charlex.com/