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“Scotland”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film By Alexis Coram (2015)

“Scotland” is a  Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film with original musical score by Paul Leonard Morgan Directed By Alexis Coram.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:   Alexis Coram

Original Music Composed by: Paul Leonard Morgan

Scotland cinematic time-lapse short film directed by Alexis Coram 2015

“What I wanted to do here was simple: Portray the beauty, versatility, and tenacity of this small yet perfectly formed dot on the world map. My mixed use of color and black & white photography represents the dichotomy between the colorful life and dark history that has filled these lands; and tells you a little about how I see the world.

I dedicate this short film to the people of Scotland and to those that may never have the opportunity to visit in person.

Thanks to my family for your patience, and to Paul Leonard Morgan for the stunning music!  May you approach each day with intent and end it with a smile.”

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/AlexisCoram

“Technicolour Alaska”: Time-Lapse Short Film Of Alaskan Northern Lights From Alexis Coram (2014)

A Time-Lapse Short Film of Northern Lights in Alaska.

Filmed and Produced By:   Alexis Coram

Music Composed By:   James Everingham (“Out of Darkness”)

“There are some things in this world that everyone deserves to experience with their own eyes. I headed to Alaska in February with the hope of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights with mine. That glimpse turned into an extravaganza…a party in the sky, and I was an onlooker, a face in the crowd…awestruck, mesmerized, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

Night after night I was captivated by bright and colorful lights dancing wistfully above me; a graceful representation of the light in my soul. These were enchanted nights like I’ve never experienced. And while my camera captured a play-by-play of the spectacle, I could be found dog sledding through snow-covered forests, relaxing by the fire in a toasty cabin, or simply laying down in the snow and drifting into the dance.

This was the most amazing trip of my life so far…and here it is, summarized in under 3 minutes.