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“In The Woods”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Promo By Andrew David Watson (2017)

“In The Woods” is a Cinematic Poem Promotional Short Film Featuring Excerpts By Ralph Waldo Emerson By Andrew David Watson.

Directed by: Andrew David Watson

Edited by: Orlando Loredo
Sound Design by: Gabriel Pimenta
Music by: Alaskan Tapes (“We All Speak in Poems”)

In The Woods Cinematic Poem Short Film Promo Directed by Andrew David Watson 2017

Starring: Christopher Grys


In The Woods Cinematic Poem Short Film Promo Directed by Andrew David Watson 2017

“To the body and mind which have been cramped by noxious work or company, nature is medicinal and restores their tone. The tradesman, the attorney comes out of the din and craft of the street and sees the sky and the woods, and is a man again. In their eternal calm, he finds himself.”

From “Nature” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

” “IN THE WOODS” is a collaboration between designer Kai D Utility and myself. We originally set out to shoot a short look book film about escaping to the woods, only to find (after the fact) our images matched perfectly with excerpts from “Nature” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We decided to turn our look book film into a homage to the concept of Transcendentalism. The appreciation and need for nature is even more alive today, then it was in the 1820s. We hope this video motivates you to take that weekend trip you’ve been planning, but have yet to take.”

In The Woods Cinematic Poem Short Film Promo Directed by Andrew David Watson 2017

Website:  andrewdavidwatson.com

“The Station”: A Cinematic Fashion Short Film Directed By David Todd McCarty (2016)

Written and Directed by: David Todd McCarty

Written, Edited and Filmed by: Andrew David Watson
Production Company: The Forbes Company / Somerset Films
Executive Producer: Claudio Kuhn
Produced by: Mie Jensen
Agency: Panzano+Partners, LLC
Creative Director: Dawn LaZarus
Starring: Fernanda + Dean
Featured Brands: Anne Fontaine, Gucci, Max Mara
and Salvatore Ferragamo

“The Continual March To Solitude”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film On Mt. Kilimanjaro By Andrew David Watson (2016)

“The Continual March To Solitude” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Featuring Recorded Excerpts from “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” by Ernest Hemingway Directed By Andrew David Watson.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:   Andrew David Watson

Music by: Blake Ewing (“Cave of Swimmers”)
Sound Mix: Julienne Guffain


Featuring: Emanual Motta of Origin Trails Tanzania

“The Continual March to Solitude is an experimental short film created out of recent footage shot while trekking Kilimanjaro and an archival recording of “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” by Ernest Hemingway.  The audio was repurposed and re-edited (like you would do with an interview) to create a new story about the continual quest for exploration and adventure.

This film was shot during the low season (Early April), when Kilimanjaro sees its least amount of visitors. Footage was collected over the 6 day trek, and shot at altitudes ranging from 6,000ft to 19,341 ft.”


Excerpts from “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” by Ernest Hemingway 

It was morning and had been morning for some time and he heard the plane. It showed very tiny and then made a wide circle and the boys ran out and lit the fires, using kerosene, and piled on grass so there were two big smudges at each end of the level place and the morning breeze blew them toward the camp and the plane circled twice more, low this time, and then glided down and levelled off and landed smoothly and, coming walking toward him, was old Compton in slacks, a tweed jacket and a brown felt hat.

Then they began to climb and they were going to the East it seemed, and then it darkened and they were in a storm, the rain so thick it seemed like flying through a waterfall, and then they were out and Compie turned his head and grinned and pointed and there, ahead, all he could see, as wide as all the world, great, high, and unbelievably white in the sun, was the square top of Kilimanjaro. And then he knew that there was where he was going.


Website:  http://www.andrewdavidwatson.com/