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“Mandacaru”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In Brazil Directed By Marcius Clapp (2014)

“Mandacaru” is a Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In an Abandoned City in Northeastern Brazil Directed By Marcius Clapp.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Marcius Clapp

Produced by:   Caravana Time Lapse

Mandacaru Cinematic Time-Lapse in Brazil Directed by  Marcius Clapp 2014

Website: https://www.facebook.com/CaravanaTimeLapse

“Finding Brazil”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film Produced By John Waller (2014)

“Finding Brazil” is a cinematic time-lapse short film in Brazil: Sao Paulo, largest city in South America, Rio de Janeiro,  Natal,  Brasilia,  Chapada Diamantia State Park and remote island fishing village of Bonete.

Executive Producer:  John Waller

Production Company:  Uncage The Soul Video Production

Soundtrack by: Kerry Muzzey

Website:  http://www.uncagethesoul.com/

“In Sight”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In Campinas, Brazil Directed By Rafael Defavari (2014)

“In Sight” is a cinematic time-lapse short film about the Brazilian city of Campinas, showing some of its commom and every-day places as seen from a different perspective.

Filmed and Directed by:   Rafael Defavari

Music Composed and Performed by:  Tomaz Vital

The scenes were filmed on September 2013 and a short version of this movie was first presented on October of the same year to a 3000 people audience with great success, during the Campinas Symphony Orchestra presentation of the Trilheiros project – produced by the great musician and composer Tomaz Vital.

This movie was procuced by Rafael Defavari and Tomaz Vital and we would like to thank the great sound engineer and violinist Júlio Daolio for mixing this song, and Dimas Studios where the music was recorded.

Websites:    rafaeldefavari.com

“2014 FIFA World Cup”: ESPN Broadcast Open Short Film Narrated By Jeffrey Wright Directed By Michael Sciallis

The broadcast open for ESPN’s coverage of the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP in Brazil. Shot in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Manaus, Brazil

Edited and Directed by:    Michael Sciallis

Co-Directed by:  Rico Labbe

Narrated by: Jeffrey Wright
Written by: Jeff Sarokin
Director of Photography: Kevin Shaw
Edited by Michael Sciallis

Shot on RED and Blackmagic Pocket Camera