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“Statures Of Gods”: A Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed By Arthur Valverde (2017)

“Statures Of Gods” is a Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed By Arthur Valverde.

Directed and Edited by: Arthur Valverde

Statures of Gods Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed by Arthur Valverde 2017

Director of Photography: Michel Taburiaux
Phantom Operator: Thomas Briant MacGregor
Music By: Tony Anderson (“All Is Not Lost”)
Sound Design by: Arvids Saulitis

Statures of Gods Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed by Arthur Valverde 2017

Dancers: Victoria Dauberville, Thomas Docquir and Paul Marque

Statures of Gods Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed by Arthur Valverde 2017

“Statures of Gods is an exploration of the art of movement; either sculpted or through the expression of dance. When the statues of Paris become one with three ballet dancers, captured frozen in jumping movement, truth is found in the shared reach for beauty.

Starring Victoria Dauberville, Thomas Docquir et Paul Marque from the Opera National de Paris.”

Statures of Gods Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed by Arthur Valverde 2017

Website: http://www.arthurvalverde.com/

“The Flower Of Life”: A Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film By Damien Krisl And Ronan Gali (2017)

“The Flower Of Life” is a Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed By Damien Krisl And Ronan Gali.

Directed by: Damien Krisl & Ronan Gali

DOP – Guillaume Adrey (Kinou Conseil)

Featured Model:  Lorena Rae

The Flower Of Life Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed by Damien Krisl & Ronan Gali 2017

DOP High-Speed – Selim Zouaoui
1st AC – Bernard Jallet
2nd AC – Matthieu Blanchais
Stylist – Melanie Perego
Makeup-Artist – Christina Lutz (B-Agency)
2nd Makeup-Artist – Claire Plekhoff
Hair-Stylist – Audrey Lambert (B-Agency)
2nd Hair-Stylist – Kelly Peach

Models – Amandine Elina, Amandine Choquet
Set-Designer – Sylvain Cabouat
Music Composer – Augustin Charnet
Sound Design – Christian Schlumpf

The Flower Of Life Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed by Damien Krisl & Ronan Gali 2017

“The Flower of Life is a poetic journey of a women in a bed. Flowers as a metaphor for her emotions. An ephemeral moment where unconsciousness falling down in a moving dream.”

The Flower Of Life Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed by Damien Krisl & Ronan Gali 2017

Website:  http://damienkrisl.com/

“Word Of The Land”: A Cinematic Poem Fashion Short Film Directed By João Sousa (2017)

“Word Of The Land” is a Cinematic Poem  Fashion Short Film For Portugal Flannel Directed by João Sousa.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: João Sousa

Music by: Nzage by N’Gola Ritmos
Actor and Narrator: Dário Pequeno Paraíso

Poem Excerpts:

African Presence by Alda Lara
Afroinsularity by Conceição Lima
Who are We? by Olinda Beja
Roots by: Olinda Beja

Website: https://www.le-joy.org/

“Ivori”: A Cinematic Poem Fashion Short Film Directed By Jordi Clusella (2017)

“Ivori” is a Cinematic Poem Fashion Short Film In Spain Directed By Jordi Clusella.

Directed by:  Jordi Clusella

Produced by: FOLEGANDROS
Cinematography by: Pau Muñoz and Josep Pardo
Script by: Marta Luque
Styling by: Ann Laroque
Focus Pulling by: Pablo López
Original Music by: Miguel Arrieta
Sound Postproduction by: Nov25 Studio
Voiceover by: James Humber
Color by: Lluís Velamazán


“A fine line separates memory from imagination;
I remember places and people that I’ve always imagined.
And sometimes I imagined things I think I remember.”

“IVORI is a short fashion film for the fashion brand from Barcelona with the same name. All the clothes that appear on the video are exclusively made by IVORI.


The film is a dreamlike and aesthetic travel through the memories of a guy who remembers a girl (Bet Moret) who he met –or thinks he met- long time ago. While the voice of the guy recalls all the places and common experiences he remembers, we discover the girl doing the same things they did together but by herself.”


Website: http://www.ivoribarcelona.com/

“Spirit Of Solitude”: A Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed By Danny Christensen (2017)

“Spirit Of Solitude” is a Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Inspired by Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley Directed By Danny Christensen.

Directed by: Danny Christensen

Spirit of Solitude Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed by Danny Christensen 2017

Filmed and Edited by: Gianluigi Carella
Produced by: Utopia the Agency
Fashion Sylist: Gina Donnelly

Spirit of Solitude Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed by Danny Christensen 2017

Excerpts from “Alastor; or, The Spirit of Solitude”
by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Mother of this unfathomable world!
Favour my solemn song, for I have loved
Thee ever, and thee only; I have watched
Thy shadow, and the darkness of thy steps,
And my heart ever gazes on the depth
Of thy deep mysteries. I have made my bed
In charnels and on coffins, where black death
Keeps record of the trophies won from thee,
Hoping to still these obstinate questionings
Of thee and thine, by forcing some lone ghost
Thy messenger, to render up the tale
Of what we are. In lone and silent hours,
When night makes a weird sound of its own stillness,
Like an inspired and desperate alchymist
Staking his very life on some dark hope,
Have I mixed awful talk and asking looks
With my most innocent love, until strange tears
Uniting with those breathless kisses, made
Such magic as compels the charmèd night
To render up thy charge:…and, though ne’er yet
Thou hast unveiled thy inmost sanctuary,
Enough from incommunicable dream,
And twilight phantasms, and deep noon-day thought,
Has shone within me, that serenely now
And moveless, as a long-forgotten lyre
Suspended in the solitary dome
Of some mysterious and deserted fane,
I wait thy breath, Great Parent, that my strain
May modulate with murmurs of the air,
And motions of the forests and the sea,
And voice of living beings, and woven hymns
Of night and day, and the deep heart of man.
Spirit of Solitude Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed by Danny Christensen 2017

“The Poet”: A Cinematic Poem Fashion Short Film By Ashley Avis (2015)

“The Poet” is a Cinematic Poem Fashion Short Film Featuring Poet E.E. Cummings Directed By Ashley Avis.

Edited and Directed by: Ashley Avis

Produced by: Edward Winters
Starring: Kelly Brannigan and Jackson Davis
Cinematography by: Corey C. Waters


Art Direction by: Richard Avis and Blake Sutter
Color by:  Corey C. Waters
Wardrobe by: Free People

a WINTERSTONE production


“Somewhere I Have Never Traveled” by e.e. cummings

somehwere i have never travelled,gladly beyond
any experience,your eyes have their silence:
in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,
or which i cannot touch because they are too near

your slightest look easily will unclose me
though i have closed myself as fingers,
you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens
(touching skilfully,mysteriously)her first rose

or if your wish be to close me,i and
my life will shut very beautifully,suddenly,
as when the heart of this flower imagines
the snow carefully everywhere descending;

nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals
the power of your intense fragility: whose texture
compels me with the colour of its countries,
rendering death and forever with each breathing

(i do not know what it is about you that closes
and opens;only something in me understands
the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses)
nobody,not even the rain, has such small hands


Website:  http://www.winterstonepictures.com/

“Letters From The Gods”: A Cinematic Travel Short Film In Japan Directed By Christoph Gelep (2016)

“Letters From The Gods” is a Cinematic Travel Short Film In Japan Directed By Christoph Gelep.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Christoph Gelep

Production Assistants : Ryuta Taniwaki, Haruka Akasaka, Yoshiyuki Sakuragi, Masami Miyai
Production Coordinators : Masanori Inoue, Masaki Miyai, Rika Sato, Jinny Dhanasobhon
Colorist : Masato Indo
Drone Operators: Michito Tanaka, Kazuyoshi Yokoyama
Music by: Emancipator (“Eve”)
Sound Designer: Yasuhiro Nakashima
Producer : Hidetaka Ino
Production : augment5 Inc.

Project for METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan)


“This film was shot between June and September 2016, after the Kumamoto earthquake.

Japan has a long history of Buddhism and religious Mythology, where many have derived from other Asian cultures. One popular belief is that there is a God in everything. Until 20th century, Kyushu was seen as Japan’s gate to the world and a centre for trade. It has historically been the first stop for foreign traders and travelers in Japan and a place from which the outside influences would spread to the rest of the country. Time has moved on, but the landscapes and legends remain to this day.


The Kumamoto earthquake has caused serious damage to the region. Many people have suffered physical and mental injuries and tourism has fallen drastically. The aim of this film is to disseminate the new appeal of the Kyushu region from a different perspective and to lift those affected by the earthquake.

With this, we invite you to come on a journey with us to discover the real Kyushu where Gods, myths, and legends were created.”


Website:  http://www.cgelep.com/


“The Station”: A Cinematic Fashion Short Film Directed By David Todd McCarty (2016)

Written and Directed by: David Todd McCarty

Written, Edited and Filmed by: Andrew David Watson
Production Company: The Forbes Company / Somerset Films
Executive Producer: Claudio Kuhn
Produced by: Mie Jensen
Agency: Panzano+Partners, LLC
Creative Director: Dawn LaZarus
Starring: Fernanda + Dean
Featured Brands: Anne Fontaine, Gucci, Max Mara
and Salvatore Ferragamo

“The Tale Of Thomas Burberry”: A Cinematic Poem Promotional Short Film Directed By Asif Kapadia (2016)

“The Tale Of Thomas Burberry”: A Cinematic Poem Promotional Short Film For Burberry Directed By Asif Kapadia.

Directed by:  Asif Kapadia

Written by:  Matt Charman
Music by: Lawless featuring Britt Warner  (“Diminuendo”)
Film Production: Black Label
Executive Producer: Dom Freeman
Produced by: Jule Fennell
Cinematography: Dion Beebe
Edited by: Johnny Rayner
Post-Production: The Mill
Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Sienna Miller
Dominic West and Lily James
The Tale of Thomas Burberry weaves the young founder of Burberry in with the brand’s connection to key brand ambassadors and markets. Burberry was established in 1856 when 21-year-old Thomas Burberry, a former draper’s apprentice, opened his own store in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. He died in 1926, years before Betty Kirby-Green flew the Burberry Plane in 1937.

Burberry is currently celebrating its 160th anniversary, so they’ve done what any other dominant brand would do in such circumstances: make a massively ambitious film about it.


This no-expense-spared approach includes Hollywood-scale production values, multiple set locations and a cast that features Domhnall Gleeson, Sienna Miller, Dominic West and Lily James. The script was written by Academy Award-nominated Matt Charman (Bridge of SpiesSuite Française, Patriots Day) and directed by Academy Award-winning Asif Kapadia (The Warrior, Senna, Amy), all set to an epic soundtrack.


Articles on the Short Film:  http://www.esquireme.com/content/18284-watch-the-tale-of-thomas-burberry



Website:  https://us.burberry.com/festive-film/

“The Journey”: A Cinematic Fashion Short Film For Asprey By Ali Walker (2016)

“The Journey”: A Cinematic Visual Poem Fashion Short Film For Asprey Directed By Ali Walker.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Ali Walker

Model: Jenny Fisher


“Winding through the valleys of England, towards an unknown destination, filled with anticipation and excitement at every turn, The Journey, Asprey’s latest film, captures the romance and mystery of the wonderful world of Asprey.”


Websites:  http://alijwalker.com/