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“Serenity”: A Cinematic Poem Performance Short Film Directed By Vincent DiFrancesco (2018)

“Serenity” is a Cinematic Poem Music Performance Short Film Featuring Poet Edward Rowland Sills Directed By Vincent DiFrancesco.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Vincent DiFrancesco

Serenity Cinematic Poem Performance Short Film Directed by Vincent DiFrancesco 2018

Performance by: Hannah Williamson
Original Music by: Vincent DiFrancesco
Narrated by: Thomas Dunbar

Serenity Cinematic Poem Performance Short Film Directed by Vincent DiFrancesco 2018

“Serenity” by Edward Rowland Sills

Be still,—be still!
Midnight’s arch is broken
In thy ceaseless ripples.
Dark and cold below them
Runs the troubled water,—
Only on its bosom,
Shimmering and trembling,
Doth the glinted star-shine
                  Sparkle and cease.

Be still,—be still!
Boundless truth is shattered
On thy hurrying current.
Rest, with face uplifted,
Calm, serenely quiet;
Drink the deathless beauty—
Thrills of love and wonder
Sinking, shining, star-like;
Till the mirrored heaven
Hollow down within thee
Holy deeps unfathomed,
Where far thoughts go floating,
And low voices wander
              Whispering peace.

Serenity Cinematic Poem Performance Short Film Directed by Vincent DiFrancesco 2018

Website: https://vimeo.com/user36704740

“Letter”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Written And Directed By Alexandra Chukhnenko (2017)

“Letter” is a Cinematic Poem Performing Arts Short Film Directed By Alexandra Chukhnenko.

Written and Directed by:  Alexandra Chukhnenko


Cinematography, Editing and Sound by: Dmitry Tskhay
Executive Producer:  Anton Mishenko
1AC: Fedor Yashkin
Starring: Keyko Lee
Music by: Pavel Ivanov (Producer) and Sergey Uzhakin
Sound Design: Qbsound Studio
Narrated by: Richard Wayne
Color by: Konstantin Kuchin


Website:  https://vk.com/alexandrachukhnenko

“Your Verse”: A Cinematic Poem Promotional Short Film For Bloch Directed By Jes Bickhart (2016)

“Your Verse”: A Cinematic Poem Promotional Dance Short Film For Bloch Directed By Jes Bickhart.

Directed by:  Jes Bickhart


Lead Dancer: Katherine Cowgill
Dancers: Avi Adams, Bianca Bulle, Alexandra Hughes, and Sam Akins
Narrator: Victoria Atkin
Director of Photography: Charlie Balch
1st AC: Dustin Miller
Hair: Joe Espinoza
Makeup: Raquel Grijalva
Editor: Rob Stiles
Original Music: CM French
Sound Edit and Mix: Kami Asgar & 424 Post inc.
Colorist: Mark Todd Osborne


“Bloch is one of the leading international brands in ballet. With over 90 years of dedication to artists, we set out to create a work that honored this legacy and commitment to the preservation of the arts. With a 35mm film grant from the Kodak Motion Picture Film group, we focused on the introspective loneliness and poetic nature of ballet set against the words of Robin Williams to his students in the film ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ ”

“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. So medicine, law, business, engineering… these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love… these are what we stay alive for.”  


Website: http://www.jesbickhart.com/



“Elise”: A Cinematic Performing Arts Short Film By Jared Fadel (2016)

“Elise” is a Cinematic Performing Arts Short Film Featuring Dancer Elise Monson Directed by Jared Fadel.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Jared Fadel

Elise Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Featuring Dancer Elise Monson Directed by Jared Fadel in 2016

Dancer:  Elise Monson
Music by:  Chad Lawson (“Ballade in C Minor”)

Elise Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Featuring Dancer Elise Monson Directed by Jared Fadel 2016

“An evening with Elise Monson at the Creative Arts Dance Studio.”

Elise Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Directed by Jared Fadel in 2016

Website:  http://www.jaredfadel.com/

“Light”: A Cinematic Creative Short Film By Patryk Kizny (2016)

“Light” is a Cinematic Creative Short Film Directed by Patryk Kizny.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Patryk Kizny

Music by:  Mat Zdziebko

Light Cinematic Creative Short Film Directed by Patryk Kizny in 2016

Dancer:  Emilia Zawalińska

Makeup & Stylist:  Klaudia Pytlarz

Hair stylist:  Remigiusz Kubisiak

Milky Way Image Courtesy of:  Serge Brunier, ESO
Sounds of Space:   Courtesy of NASA

Light Cinematic Creative Short Film Directed by Patryk Kizny

“The first exoplanet was discovered in 1992 by Prof. Aleksander Wolszczan.

Until today, we have confirmed existence of over 2000 planets in our galaxy. One in five Sun-like stars have an Earth-like planet in its habitable zone so there’s about 11 billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy.

Whatever you imagined, might take place on one of them.

Light combines imagery of an alien planet with dance performance interwoven in a minimalistic narrative form to convey the notion of light as a primary origin of all life in the Universe.”

Website:  http://kizny.com/work/light-generative-short-film/


“Life Is A Dance”: A Cinematic Poem Creative Short Film Directed By Sebastian Linda (2015)

“Life Is A Dance” is a  Cinematic Poem Creative Short Film Directed By Sebastian Linda.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Sebastian Linda

Sound Design:  Bony Stoev

Drone & Assistance:  Steffen Krones

Still Photography by:  Erik Gross

Life Is A Dance Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed By Sebastian Linda in 2015

Technical Support:  DJI – GLOBE FLIGHT – ATOMOS

Music by:  Tony Anderson (“Zero Gravity”), Parade of Lights (“Only Human – Instrumental”), Chad Lawson (“She”) and Music Bed.

Narrated by:  Ed Ward

“With your heartbeat the rythm of your life begins. It’s an endless playing song. But they tell you not to listen. They tell you to ignore. But now you know their promises were a lie. You rise up to move and dance to the sky.”

Website:  http://sebastian-linda.de/

“Heron’s Dance”: A Cinematic Short Film In Sardinia Directed By Hans Leysieffer (2013)

“Heron’s Dance” is a Cinematic Short Film In Valledoria, Sardinia filmed and directed By Hans Leysieffer.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Hans Leysieffer

Music  Composed by:  Ludovico Einaudi (“In un’altra vita”)

“This early October I was lucky enough to shoot a pure white heron ‘dancing’ in the smooth morning light in the Coghinas river delta around Valledoria in Sardegna.

“I learnt that these amazing beautiful birds perform this ‘dance’ to bring up fish in the shallow water.”

Website: moon-mood.com

“Lost In Motion II”: A Cinematic Creative Dance Short Film Directed By Ben Shirinian (2013)

“Lost In Motion II” is a Cinematic Creative Dance Short Film featuring music by Leonard Cohen directed by Ben Shirinian.

Directed by:  Ben Shirinian

Choreographer: Guillaume Côté
Dancer: Heather Ogden
Original Story: Ben Shirinian, Guillaume Côté
Producers: Nick Sorbara, Leslie Aimée Gottlieb
Director of Photography: Jeremy Benning, csc
Production Company: Krystal Levy Pictures, AnyMotion
Editor: Jon Devries, School Editing
VFX: Crush
Colour: REDLAB
Music: “Avalanche” Performed by Leonard Cohen Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.

Director Ben Shirinian and Choreographer/Dancer Guillaume Côté expose the emotion of performance in an entrancing sequel, produced in association with Bravo!FACT and The National Ballet of Canada.

After the success of his 2012 short film Lost in Motion, Director Ben Shirinian has reunited with Choreographer/Dancer Guillaume Côté for a powerful new follow-up film exploring the state of mind of an artist.

While the original examined the feelings of isolation experienced by an artist before going on stage, Lost in Motion II develops the narrative by delving deeper into the spectrum of emotions felt by a performer. Produced by Krystal Levy Pictures, the film combines original choreography, stylized art direction and seamless VFX to visually interpret the experience of an artist baring their soul on stage.

Watch “Lost In Motion”:

Website:  http://www.krystal-levy.com/

“Ballerina”: A Cinematic Nike Russia “Dance Off” Commercial Featuring Endless Noise Remix (2009)

“Ballerina” is a cinematic Nike Russia dance commercial featuring “Endless Noise” remix of Alexander Borodin composition.

Produced by:  Nike JDI Russia

Music by:  Alexander Borodin  (“Polovtsian Dances”), remix by Endless Noise.

Out of the recent Nike JDI Russia commercials for TV and cinema came this long extended remix of the dancer section. The commercial shows a russian ballerina and a funky hip hop dancer, ‘dancing off’ in a huge hall with sunlight flooding in from huge windows.

As the graceful ballerina pirouettes and plies her way around the dance floor topping it off with a grand jete. Her adversary responds with some breakdance action body popping and funky hip hop moves. The two finally reach a happy medium and their routines end in unison.

Website:  http://www.nike.com/ru/ru_ru/

“Piano Works 13”: A Cinematic Experimental Short Film Featuring Four Dancers Directed By Julien Martorel (2013)

“Piano Works 13” is a cinematic experimental short film featuring four dance styles directed by Julien Martorell.

Directed by: Julien Martorell

Edited by: Alex Tissot
DOP: Raphael Bauche

Music composed by:  Polerik Rouviere

Produced by: onirim.com

Official Selection ÉCU 2013, European Experimental Film
Choregraphy program Mecal International Short Film Festival
Official Selection Dance and Media Japan International VideoDance Festival 2013

Pianoworks 13 is a short movie, which combines live action and motion design. Over an original soundtrack played by Polerik Rouviere, four dancers perform different styles (break dance, new style, popping). The film illustrates the link between body, instrument and instrumentalist. The moves give birth to a sort of calligraphic language which is a representation of the moves themselves.