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“The Wet Desert”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film In The UK Directed By Max Smith (2016)

“The Wet Desert” is a Cinematic Poem Ecology Short Film in the United Kingdom Directed By Max Smith.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Max Smith


Written and Narrated by:  Ben Smith
Production Company:  Fatsand Films
Camera Assistant:    Michael Hodges

“Somewhere here, a landscape has been lost…”

“In the U.K. we often regard moorland landscapes, such as the Highlands of Scotland, The Lake District and Dartmoor, as symbols of wilderness. However, these places have been farmed, mined and inhabited by people for millennia, and have felt the presence of humans longer than many of our urban centres.


The ecologist Frank Fraser Darling coined the phrase “wet desert” to describe the landscape of Dartmoor, such was the lack of biodiversity that he found there. But in hidden corners of the moor, relics of its past cling on – stands of trees coated in moss and fern, supporting a range of plant and animal life – relics that point to the bizarre fact that when humans first arrived here, these open landscapes were temperate rainforests.”


Website:  http://maxsmith.tv/


“Dartmoor”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In Southwest England Directed By Alex Nail & Guy Richardson (2014)

“Dartmoor” is a Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In Southwest England Directed By Alex Nail and Guy Richardson.

Produced, Filmed and Edited by: Alex Nail and Guy Richardson

Music by:  Dustin O’Halloran (“We Move Lightly” & “Departures N1”) and Il’ya Beshevli (“Night Forest”)

Dartmoor cinematic time-lapse short film in southwest England directed by Alex Nail and Guy Richardson 2014

“Dartmoor Timelapse is collaboration between landscape photographers alexnail.com and guy-richardson.com to bring Dartmoor National Park to life through the medium of timelapse photography. This year long project ran from March 2013 to March 2014 with the goal of capturing the changing face of Dartmoor through the seasons. With an expert knowledge of the moor and years of photographic experience, Alex and Guy were able to reveal the landscape at its most spectacular.

This 7 minute short film takes the viewer on a journey through the seasons covering Dartmoor’s most iconic tors, villages, rivers, woodland and prehistoric sites. The film is comprised of over 13,000 images selected from over 30,000 stills and represents many hundreds of hours out on the moor and in post-production. The longest night sequences are captured over a 3 hour period whilst the shortest sequence lasted just 6 minutes. The result is a captivating film of Dartmoor’s magical landscape.”

Website:  dartmoortimelapse.com