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“Allegoria”: A Cinematic Poem Time-Lapse Short Film In La Rioja, Spain By Nobilis Bellator (2016)

“Allegoria”: A Cinematic Poem Time-Lapse Short Film in La Rioja, Spain Directed by Nobilis Bellator.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Nobilis Bellator

Allegoria Cinematic Poem Time-Lapse Short Film in La Rioja, Spain Directed by Nobilis Bellator.JPG

Music by:  Drab Bamboocha

Written by:  Noufel Bouzeboudja

Narrated by:  Conrad F Harvey
Filming Assistant:  Nenad Novaković
Graphic Design:  Darko Dimitrijević
Motion Control:  Kessler Crane

Allegoria Cinematic Poem Time-Lapse Short Film in La Rioja, Spain Directed by Nobilis Bellator in 2016

“Allegoria” by Noufel Bouzeboudja

“Lying upon a hill, life unfolds above me. The sky is my roof and the ground my cradle, my bed. Look at my arches! Naked. Abandoned. I served for so long. Now, I am alone.

Does anyone hear my echo, my cries, my words?

Here is my share, my place in the sky?

At dawn, when the sun rises, I wake up to my dreams, to my fears as well. And I renew my hopes.

Stealthily, I spring up from the depths, letting myself go, flow. I slide – inside, up, out- following those shadows, casted here and there.

I am something, anything, half a thing, a double of two things. I am what I left behind, what I have inside. I am the actual here and now.

I stretch an arm to touch the shape-shifting moving clouds. Dark, with their blues, their pinks, orange, purples and whites.

I look at time’s tide and capture the feelings. Time is not about a measure, time is about passion. I need passion, YES. But only if brought to devotion.

I am neither from here nor from there, joy is my identity. I put the moon on my shoulder, it tells me about tenderness and bounty. I am from everywhere. My heart, open. My soul doesn’t have an age, my age is liberty.

Let me wander through hills and valleys. Hope is our strongest weapon to fight against oppression. Feel, raising in your depths, the angry scream of insubordination.

Everything sacred has to be reinvented, shaken.

Wind, whistling change, is blowing now on the past. I hear whispers woven in creation of a thousand smiles.

Somewhere, somehow, we are connected. We, somewhat, with some differences, and at different doses, drink the same sip of pain, of joy, to show that we are able to resist. We walk, together, connected or disjointed, towards somewhere, something, someone. All we need is a smile, a word, a listening ear, a shoulder.

The moonlight, silver shimmering, glows within my heart. In its lissome steps leading the path, it whispers: Join in the shadows’ dance. Enkindle the light within you.

The wind brings many unanswerable questions. This rotten past-present-prison order stamps on us an absolute nervousness. Do we listen to each other? Do we care for each other?

My mouth is filled with ashes, echoes and cries… Cries against the orders. I see them rising. Invisible. Our FEARS are the invisible walls.

Humans, stop your ruthless determination for power. Rise. Be a daring cloud. The aching roar of thunder’s rage is surging in your soul. The insurrection will take root!

Let life wave its shapes and colours! Tell all the elements to follow the call of the uprising!

I feel a stirring in my bones. A yearning to be free and ignite the rebellion against the gray beard of bloody dark oppressive winters.

I dare its power. I celebrate the golden warmth oozing out from the folds of my toughened soil.

Let there be light!”

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/NobilisBellator/videos?fref=photo

“The Village Of The Three Lies”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In La Rioja, Spain Directed By Nobilis Bellator (2015)

“The Village Of The Three Lies” is a Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In La Rioja, Spain directed by Nobilis Bellator.

Filmed, Edited and Directed By:  Nobilis Bellator

Music by:   Drab Bamboocha (“The Long and Lonely Walk”)

The Village Of The Three Lies Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In La Rioja, Spain Directed By Jose Alonso Leon

This short film is about a small village in Spain which bears an anecdotal name that conceals three lies. Aldeanueva de Ebro is a small village in La Rioja, Spain. It is well known for its vineyards and excellent Rioja wine. It produces more then 10% of all the wine made in La Rioja.

Website:  http://nobilisbellator.com/