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“The Wasteland”: Experimental Animated Short Film Of T.S. Eliot Poem Directed By Luca Schenato (2010)

An Experimental short film about visual interpretation of T.S.Eliot’s poem, The Wasteland.

Director and Animator:   Luca Schenato

Music By:   Serkan Alkan

“Luca has tried to visualize the multilayers of meanings and images of the original poem. The style is based on 3D characters mixed with 2D illustration and blended together in cell animation”.

From posting:  http://www.motionserved.com/gallery/The-Wasteland/951491

“Dernière Nuit”: Experimental Short Film Inspired By 1973 Poem Directed By Dessil Basmadjian (2012)

‘Dernière Nuit’ is an experimental short film by Dessil Basmadjian, inspired by a 1973 poem of Garig Basmadjian, depicting the end of the world.

Directed By:  Dessil Basmadjian

Produced By:  Gilles De Selva

Narrated By:  Ardag Basmadjian

Earth is overwhelmed by mankind’s obsession with destruction. This Final Night will end our planet’s ordeal by triggering the showdown between humanity’s actions and consequences.

With this 2012 film, Dessil Basmadjian, a director currently working between Los Angeles and Paris – where he sets the action – pays tribute to his father, whose disappearance in Moscow back in 1989 still remains a mystery…


“The End Of A Train Line”: Experimental Short Film Excerpt Directed By Joshua Davy (2014)

Excerpt from an experimental short based on a poem called “The End of a Train Line”

Filmed and Directed By:  Joshua H. Davy

Poem Written By:  Joshua H. Davy

“The end of a train line; a seemingly dark, dismal place where everything comes to a halt. Time lapses and we are stuck in this chasm. Separate, isolated, detached from the chaos of the city.

The end of a train line; an almost peculiar place. There is an odd sense of tranquility that busy people are not used to. It’s different to the city. It is not fast, nothing changes, everything stays the same.”