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“Virtus Vitae”: Cinematic Animated Short Film By Laszlo L. Ujvari With Original Award-Winning Score By Seth Tsui (2013)

This is a story about an impossible miracle after World War III, in the year 2030. A piano transforms into a robot and, as his final opus, sings an operatic love song to bring life back to the deserted world.

Seth Tsui re-scored the animated film for the 2013 CINE Film Scoring competition, winning First Prize.

Film Directed by:   Laszlo L. Ujvari

Original Musical Score by:  Seth Tsui 

Animation by: Albert Kim, Chris Rodriguez, Laszlo L. Ujvari

Soprano voice soloist:  Nichole Dechaine

Italian lyrics, with English translation, for the aria in the film:

Se il pianoforte vive
Mi sveglierò dal mio sonno
e canteremo insieme
tra rovine di questo luogo

If the piano lives
I will wake from my sleep
and we will sing together
in the ruins of this place

Composer’s description of music:

“All the brass are real, played by Seth (tenor, alto and bass trombone played and manipulated in creative ways for a full brass section sound). Most of the violins are real, played by Seth (layered 11 to 33 times for a full section sound).
The rest of the instruments were created with EastWest Complete Composer’s Collection (the piano is sampled from an exceptional Bösendorfer concert grand). Synths and additional Foley created in Reason, Absynth, and Xpand.

Websites:   http://sethtsui.com




“Evermore”: Creative Animation Short Film By Philip Hofmänner With Original Score By Michael Künstle (2012)

Written and Directed by:  Philip Hofmänner (2011)

Original Winning Music Score by:  Michael Künstle (2012)

145 composers from 27 countries submitted a film score to the 6-minute Swiss animation short “Evermore” by Philip Hofmänner. A panel of four experts nominated five finalists, whose compositions have been world-premiered on September 27th by the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich under the baton of David Zinman.

The jury chose the 21-year-old Swiss Michael Künstle as the winner of the competition, he has been awarded a ZFF Golden Eye endowed with a prize money of CHF 10,000.