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“The Off-Season”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film By Sam Davis (2020)

“The Off-Season” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed by Sam Davis.

Director – Sam Davis

Producer – Rayka Zehtabchi
EP – Andrew Hutcheson / Voyager
AC/Loader – Jeff Vanderpool
Steadicam Operator – Nick Schwyter
Composer – Giosuè Greco

Voice – Stan Robinovitz

As the son of a football coach and brother of a QB-turned-sports broadcaster, my upbringing revolved around fall Friday nights. And while I may have turned out to be the artsy one in the family, I know how much football means to players, coaches and communities everywhere.

While questions linger about the fate of the coming season, I hope this film can be a little blip of hope and excitement for the return of football, whenever that may be. Hang tight. Life will go on, and so will sports.

“Where We Dwell”: A Cinematic Short Film Narrated By Arian Foster Directed By Todd Martin & Anderson Wright (2015)

“Where We Dwell” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Narrated By Arian Foster Directed By Todd Martin, Evan Metzold and Anderson Wright.

Directed by: Todd Martin, Evan Metzold and Anderson Wright 

Produced by: Max Pava / Jake Rubin

Music: “The Mighty Rio Grande” by This will Destroy You
Courtesy of Magic Bullet Records – magicbulletrecords.com

Poem Written and Read by: Arian Foster

Where We Dwell Cinematic Short Film Narrated By Arian Foster Directed By Todd Martin & Anderson Wright


By Arian Foster

When minds are at war with hearts,
And light is at war with dark,
This is where glory dwells,
Where warriors whisper hymns,
Of blood lost in vain,
Where time twists and bends,
And echoes all our names,
Here is where those diamonds dwell,
Polished in dust.
From swamps to stars, we dreamed far,
They called it far-fetched, we called it ours.
We called them lessons, they called them scars,
They call it blessings, this work was hard,
That is where we dwell.
The past worn as capes, memory as armor,
The karma we bring,
Sings truth to the soul,
Like kings mingling with pawns, or soup in my bowl.
We came from golden slums, and makeshift drums,
but our music made the spaceships come,

Navigate our thoughts and sever our tongues, unbound by men,
forever we run

Colorist: Carlos Flores Espinoza
Sound Designer: Bobb Barito
Music Supervisor: Henry van Roden
DOP: Todd Martin

Websites:  toddmartinfilms.com


Visit: foreverwerun.com

“The Raven”: A 1967 NFL Short Film “Parody Poem” Narrated By Charlie Jones Directed By Simon Gribben

In 1967, Simon Gribben was a film writer/editor for Tel Ra Productions in Philadelphia making syndicated American Football League highlights. He produced “The Raven” as an audition piece for NFL Films, where he was hired.

One of the earliest examples of the origins of Cinematic Poems.

Written, Edited and Produced by:  Simon Gribben

Narrated by:  Charlie Jones

“The KC Chiefs destroyed the Denver Broncos in KC; it reminded me of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” and so I wrote a parody of the poem as a description of this game. Ed Keane was the Supervising Editor and supported this deviation from the norm and even found some harpsichord music for mood. Announcer Charlie Jones got into the silliness and did a superb read. I cut a minute out of the original to speed up this version but someday would like to return it to its original nuttiness. This is the audition piece I sent to NFL Films and got hired talking about making a Football Ballet, my 1st film for NFL Films.

Website:  https://vimeo.com/user1277282