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“Angels Over Berlin”: A Cinematic Promotional Short Film For Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Directed By Daniel Michaelis (2012)

“Angels over Berlin” is a Test Commercial Short Film made for MEC Design in 2011. It shows the Mercedes SLS Amg with it’s violent massive lines combined with the colors of piano nodes. Is it a conflict? Maybe..

Directed by:  Daniel Michaelis

Produced by Format67.net

Camera: Daniel Michaelis, Willi Fast
Narrator: Claudia Black

“Onmyou Prayer”

“Supreme gods, bless us so that calamities do not befall us. May there be peace and happiness, and long life, and may our descendants prosper and become notable, not through fortune or fame, but through love and deed.

May our rice field flourish and our silkworm cultures thrive, may our works be blessed in your eyes. May evil spirits be banished, and ghostly auras be destroyed. Divine talismans hold something unfathomable, they settle eternally in the courtyard. Their tally miraculous. Numerous in the past, blessings impossible to put into words. May the gods protect us all our days.

May Heaven, Earth, and Water guard all living things. May all constellations sustain and protect me. May all the seasons of the year, all hours of our day be free of disaster, innocent of harm. May the stars of good come, and the stars of evil disperse. . .”