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“Othello Prologue”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Featuring Hip Hop Shakespeare’s Lorianne Tika-Lemba Directed By Greg Hackett (2012)

A Cinematic Poem Short Film featuring Hip Hop Shakespeare Peer Leader, Lorianne Tika-Lemba (Lori Analytical), performing for The Hip Hop Shakespeare Sessions.

Filmed and Directed by:  Greg Hackett

Edited by:  Tim Swaby
Audio recording:  Lavar Bullard
Produced by:  Spindle Productions for the Hip Hop Shakespeare company May 2012.

Websites:  http://www.hiphopshakespeare.com/site/



“Le Col & Team UK Youth”: Cinematic Poem Cycling Commercial Directed By Greg Hackett (2013)

Commercial shot for LeCol – the brand behind Team UK Youth.

Director – Greg Hackett
Production Company – Spindle Productions
Executive Producer – Yanto Barker
Editor – Tim Swaby
Music – Chris Cooper & Owen Morgan
Voice – Alex Walker

Poem By:  Laurence Eaves

“The trail stretched out in my wake,
Marks the path of my trial.
Each centimetre step I take
Will add to make up miles

Where are the stars which shared the load
By lighting up the track;
The wind that used to whip the road
And press upon my back?

Though every weary tread will tire
This body, bruised and sore,
The lonely ache of my desire
Demands me to endure.

Each slow and heavy stroke reminds
Me of how far I’ve come,
From loving faces, left behind
With memories of home.

But I push past the pressure of
This struggle to survive,
And make my mind the measure of
How much I am alive.

The sun now slips down from the skies
And sleeps through the moon’s reign,
But soon, together we will rise
And start the chase again.”

Article on Poem:  http://nowherefast.cc/film-le-col-commercial/