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“The Moment Of Shutter”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film In Japan Directed By Lee Hang Gab (2014)

“The Moment of Shutter” is a cinematic narrated short film in Japan based on an essay by Jeon so Yeon.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:   Lee Hang Gab

Written by: Jeon so Yeon
Narration by:  Lee Hye Won
Translated by:  Yoo Won Jung
Music by:   Adi Goldstein  (“Inspiring Innovation”)

Website:  http://www.leehanggab.com/


“Time To Leave”: Cinematic Narrated Short Film In Japan Filmed & Directed By Lee Hang Gab (2014)

“Time to Leave “ is a cinematic narrated short film on a trip to Japan inspired by “Travel Note“ by Lee Byung-ryul, a Korean writer and poet.

Filmed and Directed by:  Lee Hang Gab

Music by:  Olafur Arnalds   (“Arcade”)
Narration by David Tran
Translation by Yoo Won Jung


“Walking on the sunny path or walking on the shady path,
Which one do I prefer?
That’s how I understood love.
The sunny path or the shady one.
Always between the two hesitating which one to take with a conflicting mind.
I never considered them compatible.
Love was in both paths, both paths were mine to take.
But why did I feel guilty and anxious seeing how the wind blows on the other side?

Whenever you hesitate between eating a lemon or an orange
Whenever the taste is bland
but you hesitate between salt and sugar
When one thing you used to like becomes now unlikable for no apparent reason
When the clothes that were ironed
are mistaken for dirty washing and put in the washing machine

When you’re faced with such hopeless situations
It’s time to move on and leave.”


Website:  http://www.leehanggab.com