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“Heart Of A Dog”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer Directed By Laurie Anderson (2015)

“Heart Of A Dog” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer Directed By Laurie Anderson.

Written, Animated and Directed by:  Laurie Anderson

Original Musical Score by:  Laurie Anderson

Cinematography by:  Laurie Anderson, Toshiaki Ozawa and Joshua Zucker-Pluda

Edited by:  Melody London and Katherine Nolfi

Heart Of A Dog Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer Written and Directed by Laurie Anderson 2015

“Musician/performance artist Laurie Anderson has created a remarkable new film: a wry, wondrous and haunting cinematic journey through love, death and language. Centering on her beloved rat terrier Lolabelle, who died in 2011, Anderson composes a personal essay weaving together childhood memories, philosophical musings on data collection, contemporary surveillance culture and the Buddhist conception of the afterlife, as well as heartfelt tributes to the artists and thinkers who inspire her. Fusing her own witty narration with original violin compositions, hand-drawn animation and artwork, she creates a hypnotic collage of visual language out of her life and art, examining how stories are constructed and told, and how we use them to make sense of our lives.”

Heart of a Dog Film Poster Directed by Laurie Anderson 2015

Website:  http://www.laurieanderson.com/