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“Skyward”: A Cinematic 4K Time-Lapse Short Film Of The American Landscape By Keith Kiska (2015)

“Skyward” is a Cinematic 4K Time-Lapse Short Film Of The American Landscape Directed By Keith Kiska.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Keith Kiska

Original Music Composed by:  Martyn Axe

Assistant Time-Lapse Operator: Kyle Rhoderick

Skyward Cinematic 4K Time-Lapse Short Film Of American Landscape directed by Keith Kiska 2015

“This project is the culmination of all of our best nature time-lapses to date. Since we first got my hands on Kessler’s new motorized

Filmmaker Keith Kiska
Filmmaker Keith Kiska

head 4 years ago, we traveled all over the country for weeks at a time, subjecting our new gear to the harshest conditions we could find, in hopes of getting that perfect time-lapse.”

PhotoTrekker.com presents “Skyward”,  a  4K motion time-lapse film that captures some of the most majestic landscapes of America in stunning 4K resolution. Geared up with a Kessler Revolution 2 motorized head and a 5ft CineSlider, Keith Kiska and Kyle Rhoderick spent over 4 years to create this motion time-lapse film.

Story on filming:  http://www.phototrekker.com/skyward-blog/

Website:  http://kiskamedia.com/