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“Memories Of Italy”: A Cinematic Short Film By Gunther Machu (2016)

“Memories Of Italy” is a Cinematic Travel Short Film Directed By Gunther Machu.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Gunther Machu


“Italy – I have to come back again and again. It has this unique combination of friendly people, ancient cities, fantastic landscapes and the Mediterranean Sea. Here is a collection of my recent visits to Venice, Ventimiglia and Florence.”


Music:  “Duettino Sull’aria” (“Little Tune On The Breeze”)

         “The Marriage of Figaro” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sull’aria . . .                                                On the breeze
Che soave zeffiretto . . .                      What a gentle zephyr . . .
Zeffiretto . . .                                           Zephyr . . .
Questa sera spirera!                            Will sigh this evening!
Questa sera spirera                              Will sigh this evening . . .
Sotto i pini del boschetto.                 Beneath the pine grove.
Sotto i pini?                                            Beneath the pines?
Sotto i pini del boschetto . . .            Beneath the pine grove . . .
Ei gia il resto capira.                            He will understand the rest.
Certo, certo il capira.                           Certainly, he’ll understand.
Ei gia il resto capira.                            He will understand the rest.
Canzonetta sull’aria . . .                     Little tune on the breeze

“Paintings Of Umbria”: A Cinematic Short Film At Lago Trasimeno Directed By Gunther Machu (2014)

“Paintings Of Umbria” is a cinematic short film at Lago Trasimeno in Central Italy featuring Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto directed by Gunther Machu.

Filmed and Directed by:  Gunther Machu

Music by:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (“Clarinet Concerto in A major”)

Music Played by:  The Fulda Symphonic Orchestra

Filmmaker Gunther Machu
Filmmaker Gunther Machu

“This is a piece about Umbria, a region south of Tuscany in Italy, where everything revolves around the “Lago Trasimeno”, a lake called the green diamond. I wanted to recreate the look of ancient landscape paintings as I felt it was fitting perfectly to the dramatic weather we had over the course of the 14 days..

Website: twitter.com/gunmac