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“Love The Coast”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Promo Directed By Thomas Bryant (2015)

“Love The Coast” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Promo Featuring Poet John Cooper Clarke for the National Trust Directed by Thomas Bryant.

Directed by:  Thomas Bryant

Production Company: 18 Feet & Rising

Created by:  Alex Delaney and Johnny Leathers

Director of Photography:  Joe Cook

Produced by: Igor Degtiarev

Sound Production:  Parv Thind (Wave Studios)

Poem Written and Read by: John Cooper Clarke

Love The Coast Cinematic Poem Short Film Promo for the National Trust Directed by Thomas Bryant in 2016.JPG

“John Cooper Clarke narrates a self-penned poem for a new National Trust campaign.

The spot, by 18 Feet & Rising, combines images of families on beaches with Clarke’s narration to mark the 50th anniversary of the charity’s Neptune Coastline Campaign. The National Trust will spend the rest of the summer asking the public to sum up why they love the coast on Twitter via “#lovethecoast” and use the ideas to complete the poem.”

Love The Coast Cinematic Poem Short Film Promo for the National Trust Directed by Thomas Bryant.JPG

“Nation’s Ode to the Coast” by Dr. John Cooper Clarke

A big fat sky and a thousand shrieks
The tide arrives and the timber creaks
A world away from the working week
Où est la vie nautique?
That’s where the sea comes in…
Dishevelled shells and shovelled sands,
Architecture all unplanned
A spade ‘n’ bucket wonderland 
A golden space, a Frisbee and
The kids and dogs can run and run
And not run in to anyone
Way out! Real gone!
That’s where the sea comes in…
Impervious to human speech, idle time and tidal reach
Some memories you can’t impeach
That’s where the sea comes in
A nice cuppa splosh and a round of toast
A cursory glance at the morning post
A pointless walk along the coast
That’s what floats my boat the most
That’s where the sea comes in…
Now, voyager – once resigned
Go forth to seek and find
The hazy days you left behind
Right there in the back of your mind
Where lucid dreams begin
With rolling dunes and rattling shale
The shoreline then a swollen sail
Picked out by a shimmering halo
That’s where the sea comes in…
Could this be luck by chance?
Eternity in a second glance
A universe beyond romance
That’s where the sea comes in…
Yeah, that’s where the sea comes in…

Article on Short Film:  http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/national-trust-lovethecoast-18-feet-rising/1355796

Website: http://www.18feet.com/

“Imprisoned Paradise”: A Cinematic Narrated Short Film For Britain’s National Trust Directed By Pete Dungey (2012)

A cinematic narrated documentary short film featuring Llyndy Isaf, a serene upland farm on the shores of Llyn Dinas, in Snowdonia, untouched by intensive farming and home to threatened wildlife of international importance.

Filmed and Directed by:  Pete Dungey

Post-production:  Joe Spiteri

Narration:   Dai Amos

Reading extracts from:
‘Wanderings and Excursions in North Wales’ – Thomas Roscoe, 1836
‘On the Beauties, Harmonies, and Sublimities of Nature’ – Charles Bucke, 1823

Sound Design:   Patrick Amos

Sitting within the Nant Gwynant pass, offering 600 acres of extraordinary and peaceful haven for people to get close to nature – and enjoy quiet pursuits such as hiking, kayaking and sailing.

Upon the retirement of the current owner, the National Trust, with the generous support of the public, aims to acquire this land. If successful, protecting it from the commercial market, and the impending development that would follow. The tranquil atmosphere could easily be shattered.

This portrait of the area captures that tranquility.

Website:  http://www.oakdesignstudio.com/