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“Olympic NP”: A Cinematic Nature Short Film Of Washington State Ecosystems Directed By Rudy Wilms (2016)

“Olympic NP” is a Cinematic Nature Short Film of the Ecosystems In Washington State National Park  Directed By Rudy Wilms.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Rudy Wilms


“This Movie is a first of four movies in this part we will share the highlights of the three eco-systems of the park, and will be making three more videos of the Olympic Mountains, Olympic Rainforests and Olympic Pacific Coast.


The Olympic National Park is located northwest of Washington State; the diversity in the park is spectacular. Within the park are three ecosystems from the wild and mostly foggy pacific coastline to the snow covered alpine peaks of the Olympic Mountains with its fabulous wild flower meadows to the temperate rain forests with its lush and green moss covered conifer trees and wildlife”.


Website:  http://www.rudywilms.com/


“Walking The Path”: Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film For Columbia Land Trust Directed By Steve Crocker (2012)

“Walking The Path” is a cinematic poem time-lapse short film documentary for the Columbia Land Trust, a Northwest non-profit.  Funnelbox Production Studios creative staff immersed themselves in the Trust’s mission statement, and, after finalizing a script,  hit the road for a week of traveling the length and breadth of the region.


WRITER: Ken Potts

PRODUCER:  Hollie Fee

EDITOR:  Matthew Roberts
COLOR GRADING:  Nick Perkiss

EXPLORER:  Bryan Thompson
NARRATOR:   Andrew B Wehrlen

“November the 3rd, 1805. The fog so thick this morning, we could not see a man fifty steps off. Knowing full well our objective lies not far beyond the horizon, it strikes me in my heart that we are traveling down a path of forever to a fate as yet unknown.”

“The path of forever is obscured by uncertainty. No compass points the way, no maps can guide us. It stretches into the unknown, the choices we make today defining the landscape of tomorrow.

Many have traveled before us, marking the trail. Some stand as sentinels of stewardship, their legacy a shining example of harmonious habitation. Others loom as cautionary tales, their explorations motivated by staking claims and conquering wilderness.

We cannot help but be changed by our collective journey. As our accomplishments have been epic in scope, so have they been costly in consequence.

But now there is another journey to take; a humbler journey, one without an end.

The land has been explored, but there is much still to discover. Our home is not just a resource to exploited, shaped and shifted to suit our desires, but a responsibility we have inherited.

For over two decades, Columbia Land Trust has accepted that responsibility. On both sides of a mighty river, across two states and more than a dozen counties, spanning two-hundred and fifty miles from mountains to ocean, wildlife and vital lands are being protected and restored.

We are proud of our accomplishments. But it is just the beginning.

To continue, the forever business depends on people. People who teach, people who do, people who inspire.

Our adventure continues. The path of forever lies at our feet. And though we may not be able to see beyond the bend of tomorrow… we’re sure the view is breathtaking.

Columbia Land Trust is walking the path of forever.

Are you?”

Website:  http://www.funnelbox.com