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“Edge Of The Sea”: A Cinematic Poem Nature Short Film Directed By Angel Marin (2018)

“Edge Of The Sea”: A Cinematic Poem Nature Short Film In California Wilderness Directed By Angel Marin.

Filmed and Directed by: Angel Marin

Edge Of The Sea Cinematic Poem Nature Short Film Directed By Angel Marin (2018)

Produced, Written and Narrated by: Josh Berry
Edited by: Galut Alarcón
Original Score by: Chris Klotz
Starring: Joyce Hu and Mary Tran

“Edge of the Sea is a love poem by Marlin Ray for the wilderness coast of California.”

Edge Of The Sea Cinematic Poem Nature Short Film Directed By Angel Marin (2018)

“Edge of the Sea” by Marlin Ray

Soft dust wraps us in its rough embrace, 
sea salt air dense with water. 
Sunrise sea change 
embraces the blue
dirt gives from the earth
soft kelp sleeve
and urchin wrap. 
crayfish covering 
and grey waves. 
For these I sing my song. 
Seaweed circus
of youthful shouts 
bottomless marine world
of chance and glee. 
The quiet line of breaking ocean, 
for these I sing my song. 
Hills slide to the edge of the sea 
always fitting perfectly. 
Everywhere the colors shout and twist 
making joy and rain. 
for these we sing our song.

Edge Of The Sea Cinematic Poem Nature Short Film Directed By Angel Marin (2018)

Website: https://marlinray.com/


“Olympic NP”: A Cinematic Nature Short Film Of Washington State Ecosystems Directed By Rudy Wilms (2016)

“Olympic NP” is a Cinematic Nature Short Film of the Ecosystems In Washington State National Park  Directed By Rudy Wilms.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Rudy Wilms


“This Movie is a first of four movies in this part we will share the highlights of the three eco-systems of the park, and will be making three more videos of the Olympic Mountains, Olympic Rainforests and Olympic Pacific Coast.


The Olympic National Park is located northwest of Washington State; the diversity in the park is spectacular. Within the park are three ecosystems from the wild and mostly foggy pacific coastline to the snow covered alpine peaks of the Olympic Mountains with its fabulous wild flower meadows to the temperate rain forests with its lush and green moss covered conifer trees and wildlife”.


Website:  http://www.rudywilms.com/


“Sepik Soiree”: A Cinematic Promo Short Film In Papua New Guinea Directed By Michael Fletcher (2014)

“Sepik Soiree” is a Cinematic Promo Short Film In Papua New Guinea for North Star Cruises Directed By Michael Fletcher.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Michael Fletcher

Music Composed by:  XPURM (“PRUMX”)

Sepik Soiree cinematic promo short film in Papua New Guinea directed by Michael Fletcher 2014

“This November I was fortunate enough to re visit Papua New Guinea aboard the magnificent True North. This time the journey took us to the North Eastern Sepik river region then on out into the Bismarck sea to explore the amazing outer Islands that make up such a pristine tropical paradise.

Once again I was overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this region as well as an amazing cultural experience the likes I had never imagined. Travelling up the Sepik river was like travelling to an ancient world virtually untouched for hundreds of years. We were privileged to be invited to visit the village which is bringing back the ancient tradition of the crocodile scarification where as part of an initiation to manhood young men would go through the painful process of cutting there skin to create a texture not unlike that of a crocodile.”