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“Le Temps A Laissé Son Manteau”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film By Sparrow Films (2015)

“Le Temps A Laissé Son Manteau” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Featuring Poet Charles d’Orléans Produced By Sparrow Films.

Produced and Directed by:  Sparrow Films

Production Company:  ANI New Media

Sung by:   Jacques Pottier

Music by:  Frederick Chopin, Alain Jacques (Soundtrack to Poem) and Guitar by Melchior Martin

Le Temps A Laissé Son Manteau Cinematic Poem Short Film By Sparrow Films

“A short film based on the classic poem “Le temps a laissé son manteau,” by Charles d’Orléans (1394-1465) that every French child must memorize in grammar school, and most of us Americans have encountered at some point. Sung by the wonderful operatic singer Jacques Pottier, with background music by Frederick Chopin and soundtrack to the poem by Alain Jacques, guitar by Melchior Martin. Filmed on a rainy day in Philadelphia. Please support the wonderful musical artists who have interpreted this poem…”

Website:  http://anchornetwork.net/

“Into Eternity”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film Directed By Bruce W. Berry Jr. (2014)

“Into Eternity”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film in Philadelphia Directed By Bruce W. Berry Jr.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Bruce W. Berry Jr.

Music Composed by:  A. Taylor (“Who Will Remember”)

Into Eternity cinematic time-lapse short film by Bruce W Berry Jr 2014

“About a year and a half ago while shooting a long exposure photo, I witnessed a man commit suicide off the Ben Franklin Bridge. The experience is something that I’ll never forget. The mood was so heavy and dark that one could feel the loss of the person’s life in the air. I can only imagine what this person saw and felt the day he took his own life; what the city must have felt like and looked like to him. It was pretty hard to shoot this time-lapse without thinking about what I had witnessed.

Using Black & White Long-Exposure photography, I wanted to capture Center City Philadelphia in a darker light. Rarely when walking through the city do we look up and see the towering buildings above us. In this Time-lapse I wanted to capture what we don’t see. The last scene is where I saw the man take his own life.

I dedicate this time-lapse to him. May you forever rest in peace…”

Website:  http://www.bruce-wayne-photography.com/blog/2012/9/departure

“The Hidden World”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film Directed By Bruce W. Berry Jr. (2014)

“The Hidden World” is a cinematic infrared time-lapse short film near Philadelphia, PA directed by Bruce W. Berry Jr.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Bruce W. Berry Jr.

Music by:  Dario Marianelli  (“Evey Reborn”)

“This is the latest installment to the wonderland series. This infrared time-lapse is actually a prequel to “The Day Wonderland Stood Still”. I started this project a few months before I started “The Day Wonderland Stood Still”, but wasn’t able to complete it until this year due to some of the locations being a bit harder to get to, the changing of the seasons and just being plain busy.

In this time-lapse video I wanted to introduce the hidden world of infrared photography and take you through a journey of my interpretation of “Wonderland”. The making of this video involved the use of various motion controlled devices and hyperlapse photography (which was incredibly challenging to shoot in the woods). Footage was captured in Fairmount Park, Wissahickon Valley Park and Belleplain State Forest, all near or in the Philadelphia area.

For this Infrared video, I used a “Red filter” or sometimes referred to as the “Goldie filter” instead of a yellow filter I used in the last project. Like in the previous infrared time-lapse I used a “Full Spectrum Camera” to make this video.”

Website:  http://www.bruce-wayne-photography.com/