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“Levende Rivier”: A Cinematic Documentary Short Film Trailer In The Netherlands Directed By Ruben Smit (2016)

“Levende Rivier” (“Living River”) is a Cinematic Documentary Short Film Trailer In The Netherlands Directed By Ruben Smit.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Ruben Smit


Music by:  Anne Van Schothorst
Produced by:  Seymour Films B.V.


“A new TV series about a man and his canoe traveling through the river Rhine landscape from the border with Germany to the sea. In this ‘boat movie’ in you will experience Dutch nature like you have never seen it before. Flood plains, woodlands, streams teaming with wildlife, above and underwater.”


Website:  http://www.rubensmitproductions.nl/producties/productie-1