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“Time For The Wild”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Documentary Directed By Andrew O’Donnell (2019)

“Time For The Wild” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Documentary In Scotland Directed By Andrew O’Donnell.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Andrew O’Donnell


Narrated by: Andrew O’Donnell


“It’s a strange thing, life
And an even stranger thing,
Is Time.
No living thing knows quite
How much we have.
Wondering and an innocence
Unaware when the clock
Will stop ticking.”


Website: https://www.scotlandbigpicture.com/Home


“The Heart Of Glenlivet”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In Scotland By Kirk Norbury (2017)

“The Heart Of Glenlivet” is a Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In Scotland Directed By Kirk Norbury.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Kirk Norbury


Music by:  Huma Huma (“Pachabelly”)


“”The Heart Of Glenlivet” takes you on a journey through the stunning landscape where one of Scotland’s most favourite whiskies has called home since 1824. This time-lapse film showcases the stunning scenery, gorgeous rivers and majestic hills that surround the distillery. During the end of 2015 I was hired to capture this landscape for the Glenlivet distillery, here is a collection of my favourite clips from my time spent in this beautiful part of Speyside.”


Website: http://kirknorbury.co.uk/ 

“Wilderness”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed By Temujin Doran (2016)

“Wilderness” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film in the Scottish Highlands Featuring Writings of John Muir Directed By Temujin Doran.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Temujin Doran

Produced by: Alastair Humphreys
Production Company: Studiocanoe
Music by: Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie & Dustin O’Halloran
(“A Winged Victory For The Sullen”)
Narrated by:  Jim Crumley
“This short film is based on the writings of naturalist, author and environmental philosopher John Muir. It is a an ode to wilderness, and was filmed in the Scottish Highlands.”
Excerpts from “The Story of My Boyhood and Youth”
by John Muir
“WHEN I was a boy in Scotland I was fond of everything that was wild, and all my life I’ve been growing fonder and fonder of wild places and wild creatures. Fortunately around my native town of Dunbar, by the stormy North Sea, there was no lack of wildness, though most of the land lay in smooth cultivation, With red-blooded playmates, wild as myself, I loved to wander in the fields to hear the birds sing, and along the seashore to gaze and wonder at the shells and seaweeds, eels and crabs in the pools among the rocks when the tide was low; and best of all to watch the waves in awful storms thundering on the black headlands and craggy ruins of the old Dunbar Castle when the sea and the sky, the waves and the clouds, were mingled together as one. We never thought of playing truant, but after I was five or six years old I ran away to the seashore or the fields most every Saturday, and every day in the school vacations except Sundays, though solemnly warned that I must play at home in the garden and back yard, lest I should learn to think bad thoughts and say bad words. All in vain. In spite of the sure sore punishments that followed like shadows, the natural inherited wildness in our blood ran true on its glorious course as invincible and unstoppable as stars.”


“The World Before Me”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film By David Bryan (2016)

“The World Before Me” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Featuring Poet Walt Whitman Directed By David Bryan.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  David Bryan

Original Music by: Lynnae Gryffin and David Bryan
Narrated by: Arpita Patnaik


“The World Before Me is a modern-day round the world trip, set to the words of a 19th century poet.

‘Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.’ 160 years have passed since Walt Whitman penned this text, but feelings about travel remain the same. We’re still inspired by the open road and still excited by discovering the unknown.

In the fall of 2015, while preparing for a trip that would take me literally around the world, I couldn’t shake the desire to share the experience of travel, which for me is a very personal one. This film is the culmination of that desire. I carried my camera for 5 months through 15 countries. The endless metropolis of Tokyo, tiny islands of The Philippines, busy streets of India, the Swiss Alps and the Scottish Highlands. They’re all right here, for you, in 6 minutes.”


Excerpts from “Song of the Open Road” by Walt Whitman
Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.
Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good-fortune,
Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing,
Done with indoor complaints, libraries, querulous criticisms,
Strong and content I travel the open road.
The earth, that is sufficient,
I do not want the constellations any nearer,
I know they are very well where they are,
I know they suffice for those who belong to them.
(Still here I carry my old delicious burdens,
I carry them, men and women, I carry them with me wherever I go,
I swear it is impossible for me to get rid of them,
I am fill’d with them, and I will fill them in return.)
You road I enter upon and look around, I believe you are not all that is here,
I believe that much unseen is also here.
Here the profound lesson of reception, nor preference nor denial,
The black with his woolly head, the felon, the diseas’d, the illiterate person, are not denied;
The birth, the hasting after the physician, the beggar’s tramp, the drunkard’s stagger, the laughing party of mechanics,
The escaped youth, the rich person’s carriage, the fop, the eloping couple,
The early market-man, the hearse, the moving of furniture into the town, the return back from the town,
They pass, I also pass, any thing passes, none can be interdicted,
None but are accepted, none but shall be dear to me.

Website:  http://dcbryan.com/

“The Wet Desert”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film In The UK Directed By Max Smith (2016)

“The Wet Desert” is a Cinematic Poem Ecology Short Film in the United Kingdom Directed By Max Smith.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Max Smith


Written and Narrated by:  Ben Smith
Production Company:  Fatsand Films
Camera Assistant:    Michael Hodges

“Somewhere here, a landscape has been lost…”

“In the U.K. we often regard moorland landscapes, such as the Highlands of Scotland, The Lake District and Dartmoor, as symbols of wilderness. However, these places have been farmed, mined and inhabited by people for millennia, and have felt the presence of humans longer than many of our urban centres.


The ecologist Frank Fraser Darling coined the phrase “wet desert” to describe the landscape of Dartmoor, such was the lack of biodiversity that he found there. But in hidden corners of the moor, relics of its past cling on – stands of trees coated in moss and fern, supporting a range of plant and animal life – relics that point to the bizarre fact that when humans first arrived here, these open landscapes were temperate rainforests.”


Website:  http://maxsmith.tv/


“Wild Scotland”: A Cinematic Aerial Short Film Directed By John Duncan (2015)

“Wild Scotland” is a Cinematic Aerial Short Film Directed by John Duncan.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  John Duncan

Music by:  Tony Anderson (“Eyes Wide Open”)

Color Grading:  Drew Gibson

Sound Mix:  Pete Smith

Wild Scotland Cinematic Aerial Short Film Directed By John Duncan in 2015

“For my second aerial film, entitled ‘Wild Scotland’, I wanted to showcase some of the wilderness this magnificent country has to offer. From the Highlands and Islands on the west coast to John O’Groats and North Berwick on the east I’ve captured just a fraction of the stunning wilderness which Scotland has to offer.

Making this film involved a series of mini adventures. Hiking up Bidein a’Ghlas Thuill at 3am in the pitch dark, to film the spectacular serrated ridge of An Teallach, and hearing stags roaring in the valleys below is a memory that will stay with me for a very long time. Also filming Bass Rock near North Berwick, which is home is to the world’s largest single rock Gannet colony with some 40,000 pairs of birds, at first light was a real treat.”

Wild Scotland Cinematic Aerial Short Film Directed By John Duncan

Website:  http://www.john-duncan.co.uk/

“Edges Of Sanity”: A Cinematic Poem Surf Short Film Directed By Chris McClean (2014)

“Edges Of Sanity” is a Cinematic Poem Surf Short Film In Scotland Directed By Chris McClean.

Filmed and Directed by:  Chris McClean

Original Music Soundtrack by: CJ Mirra (“Edges of Sanity”)

Poem: Dan Crockett
Narration: Charles Dance

Edges Of Sanity Cinematic Poem Surf Short Film Directed by Chris McClean

Producer: Ernest Capbert
Surfers: Noah Lane + Matt Smith
Executive Producers: Tom Kay + Gregor Matthews
Production Company:  Sea Saw Films Production

“Edges of Sanity” by Dan Crockett

“It’s been said

On far shores, weary mariners hear voices

Songs so beautiful they cast a spell

There is no choice but to hear.

They claim these whispers hold a message

Each ear hears different music

But the same call hunts the senses:

Without risk, there is no beauty

Without chance, no adventure

Through suffering, wealth without limit

So we scheme and plan

And tell nobody of our dreams

Shuffle cards, chance vague variables

And tread endless road miles until

Close against cold ground we toss and turn

And summon black water

                 *     *     *

For I am of the waiting deep

The great denier, the poised fist

Stalker of pitch oceans

Whose fingers twist about your throat…

I swallowed the sad pilgrims

Who fell to flat reef, their vessels sunk

Into water bitter as winter night

Beyond the edges of sanity

I am the waiting teeth of the rocks below

The grinning maw in the clouds

Bearer of the hourglass – killer of the short dim day

Who beckons you to dare

*     *     *

The north song does not stop

Power in that promise

Goes beyond common meanings

You have walked in footsteps new

What was before will never be again

But memories of lined faces

And in the glowing after

Breaking bread the sweetest knot

All weight shed – light extraordinary

Until my whisper comes again…

And the future begs your listening

The future begs your listening”

Edges Of Sanity Cinematic Poem Surf Short Film In Scotland Directed by Chris McClean 2014

Websites:  http://www.finisterreuk.com/notes/cat/edges-of-sanity#!edges_of_sanity


“The Voyage Of Life”: A Cinematic Nature Short Film In Scotland Directed By Patrick Duijndam and Aron van Blooijs (2015)

“The Voyage Of Life”: A Cinematic Nature Short Film In Scotland Directed By Patrick Duijndam and Aron van Blooijs.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Patrick Duijndam and Aron van Blooijs

Original Music Composed by:  Daan van Haren

The Voyage of Life 2015 Cinematic Nature Short Film In Isle of Skye Scotland Directed by Patrick Duijndam and Aron van Blooijs

“In a time of hustle, emerging cities and high expectation, more and more people venture into the wilderness to find their peace, but also looking for the meaning of life. Just like in the Romantic period, there is a desire for discovery and longing for real nature among a movement of creative people: New Outdoor Creativity.

Romantic painter Thomas Cole made a series of paintings in 1842, in which a man’s journey through nature can be seen as a metaphor for the journey that men makes through life. In this piece, filmmakers Patrick Duijndam and Aron van Blooijs, along with songwriter Daan van Haren, pay tribute to Thomas Cole and his series of paintings. The result of their trip through the Isle of Skye, Scotland, is a music-video that will surely please adventurers, travel enthusiasts and lovers of good music.”


“Kinetic Blackness”: A Cinematic Aerial Time-Lapse Short Film In Scotland Directed By Walid Salhab (2015)

“Kinetic Blackness” is a Cinematic Aerial Time-Lapse Short Film In Scotland Directed By Walid Salhab.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Walid Salhab

Music Composed by:  Malcolm Lindsay (“Grace Notes” from “After The Snow” Album)

Kinetic Blackness Cinematic Aerial Time-Lapse Short Film In Scotland Directed by Walid Salhab 2015

“…Walid Salhab has teamed up with Malcolm Lindsay a Royal Television Society award winning composer on his new track from the album ‘After The Snow’. featuring the RSNO conducted by Greg Lawson and produced by Grammy Award Winner Tim Handly. Walid fell in love with Blackness while working on the Kelpies construction film and decided to return and visit this atmospheric place.

Walid says ” it was a challenge to work with this Amazing Music and it gave me the chance to create this film and try to capture the unique atmosphere in Blackness” Walid has produced a series of ‘kinetic’ (stop-motion/time lapse) films which capture the magic of Scotland’s capital city and the stunning beaches of the east coast of Scotland.”

“Skíð – ‘Cloud Island'”: A Cinematic Aerial Short Film In Scotland Directed By Jonny Maxfield (2014)

“Skíð – ‘Cloud Island'” is a Cinematic Aerial Short Film In Scotland Directed By Jonny Maxfield.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Jonny Maxfield

Aerial Cinematography by:   Loday Gonpo
Music by:   Luke Richards  (“It’s Happening”)

Skíð - 'Cloud Island' Cinematic Aerial Short Film In Scotland Directed By Jonny Maxfield 2014

“Short film shot at the Isle of Skye, Scotland, in June 2014.

In collaboration with Pathgate Institute, we produced a series of images to be used in an upcoming remake of the Buddhist film ‘The Life of Guru Rinpoche.’ ”

Website:  http://www.fourthdimensionvideo.co.uk/