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“OF SOULS + WATER: THE MOTHER”: A Cinematic Narrated Short Film By Skip Armstrong (2012)

“OF SOULS + WATER: THE MOTHER” is a Cinematic Narrated Short Film Directed By Skip Armstrong.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Skip Armstrong

Produced by:  Anson Fogel
Assistant Director:  Thatcher Bean

OF SOULS & WATER THE MOTHER A Cinematic Narrated Short Film By Skip Armstrong (2012)

Music By:   Parliament of Owls  (“Flight in Motion”) & Dustin O’Halloran  (“We Move Lightly”)

“Do our mothers still have dreams, hopes and journeys to make? At age 67, Melody reflects on her life, her hopes, her failures and her dreams while exploring the magnificent waters and canyons of the Utah desert.

From forgemotionpictures.com, makers of the award-winning films Wild Water, Seasons, and Cold, comes the groundbreaking web series Of Souls + Water.”

Website:  http://community.nrs.com/nrs-films/