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“A Letter To All”: Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer For 5Point Adventure Film Festival (2018)

“A Letter To All” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer For The 2018 5Point Adventure Film Festival.

Edited by: Aidan Haley

5Point Adventure Film Festival 2018 Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer
Music by: Big Black Delta (“Roost”)
Music Supervision: Backforty Management, Bodie Johnson and Zoe Ellis
Sound Engineer: Jeff Yellen
Sound Recording: Joey Schusler
Thanks to: Julie Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, Meaghan Lynch, Meredith McKee, Carl Zoch, Jessica DiCarlo and All The Filmmakers

5Point Adventure Film Festival 2018 Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer

Narrated by: Michael Kennedy

“The annual 5Point Film Festival trailer reminds us to reach for our highest ideals and live our best adventure. This year is no different.

In 2007, Julie Kennedy founded the 5Point Film Festival. In 2012, her husband Michael Kennedy, one of America’s most legendary alpinists wrote an open ‘Letter to My [his] Son’ that was published in The Alpinist Magazine. They were poignant and heartfelt words from a father to his son discussing life, passion and direction. After losing their son this year, it seemed like an appropriate homage to revisit and repurpose these words for the larger community. The letter reminds us to live our own individual adventures, passions, lives and to always try our best to reach for the highest ideals and embody the 5points: purpose, respect, commitment, humility, balance.”

5Point Adventure Film Festival 2018 Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer

Excerpts from “Letter To My Son” by Michael Kennedy

“How can I express all the thoughts and emotions that swirl in my head, Hayden, when you are halfway around the world on a big route? I remember my own days up high, the feeling of lightness as the earth drops away, the moments of pure grace when nothing matters except the next move—setting a foot just so, feeling the solid thunk of an axe, the calmness of my heart and mind. Everything I needed was right before me.

I know that’s what you’re searching for, but it’s not always what you get. For I also recall the deafening fatigue of climbing too many hours without stopping, the dry throat and the aching belly, the paralyzing fear of a long runout. The bad anchors. The close calls with storms, rockfall and avalanches. The anxiety of being days away from safety, wondering whether the next pitch will go, searching for a bivy site or just a place to sit for a few hours, knowing that the only way out is over the summit and down an unfamiliar ridge.

You’ve gotten all that and more since you left home.”

5Point Adventure Film Festival 2018 Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer

Website: http://5pointfilm.org/

Oscar Wilde’s “The Nightingale And The Rose”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer By Del Kathryn Barton And Brendan Fletcher (2015)

“The Nightingale And The Rose” is an Animated Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer of Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tale Short Story Directed by Del Kathryn Barton and Brendan Fletcher.

Directed and Written by: Del Kathryn Barton & Brendan Fletcher

Original Musical Score by:  Sarah Blasko

Cinematography by:  Benjamin Shirley

Edited by:  Mark Bennett

Oscar Wilde's The Nightingale and the Rose Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer Directed by Del Kathryn Barton and Brendan Fletcher

Voices:  Mia Wasikowska (“Nightingale”), Geoffrey Rush (“Oak Tree”), Benedict Samuel (“Student”), David Wenham (“Red Rose”), Sophie Lowe (“Professor’s Daughter”) and Joshua Brennan (“Green Lizard”)

Production Company:  Aquarius Films

Produced by:  Angie Fielder and Brendan Fletcher

Sound Design and Editing:  William Ward

Art Direction:  Liz Ellis

Animation by:  Chris Breeze, David Edwards, Liz Ellis and Richard Swan

“Published in 1888 as part of The Happy Prince and Other Tales, Wilde’s short story describes how a nightingale sacrifices her life so a student may offer a red rose to the girl he loves. When the object of his desire opts for jewels over a flower, the student flings the rose into a gutter and renounces love.”

Oscar Wilde's The Nightingale and the Rose Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer Directed by Del Kathryn Barton and Brendan Fletcher in 2015.jpg

Website article on filming: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/spectrum-now-2015/del-kathryn-barton-geoffrey-rush-mia-wasikowska-and-sarah-blasko-unite-for-oscar-wildes-the-nightingale-and-the-rose-20150318-1434ac.html#ixzz3uUKaOxEl

“A Touch Of Podlasie”: A Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Trailer By Paweł Jankowski & Zdzisław Folga (2014)

“A Touch Of Podlasie” (“Cząstka Podlasia”) is a Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Trailer in Poland Directed by Paweł Jankowsk & Zdzisław Folga.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Paweł Jankowski And Zdzisław Folga

Original Music Composed by:  Marek Kubik

“The music is the narrator, a medium which tells the story of Podlasie’s magic and its borderland traits best. Music also tells us about the Eastern state of the soul,”

A Touch Of Podlasie Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Trailer in Poland Directed by Paweł Jankowsk & Zdzisław Folga Poster 2015

“Cząstka Podlasia” (A Touch of Podlasie), a film by three artists about their region…Podlasie, a historical region in eastern Poland, (that) covers the parts of three provinces: Podlaskie, Lubelskie, and a tiny portion of Mazowieckie. Named after its dense forests, it is viewed as the most pristine Polish region to this day. It is also called “Kresy” (the borderlands), a name it derives from the close proximity to the border. The accent of its people is called “kresowy,” due to its softness and similarity to Russian.

Zdzisław Folga, Paweł Jankowski and the score’s author Marek Kubik were trying to show in Cząstka Podlasia every feature of this magical land. Today, they are finishing their work on the 36-minute document, in which, just like in the cult Baraka by Rob Fricke from 1992, not a single word is said.”

From article on the making of “Cząstka Podlasia”:


A Touch Of Podlasie Cinematic Visual Poem Short Film Trailer in Poland Directed by Paweł Jankowsk & Zdzisław Folga 2015.JPG

Website:  http://www.czastkapodlasia.pl/

“View From A Blue Moon”: A Cinematic Short Surf Film Trailer Directed By Blake Vincent Kueny (2015)

“View From A Blue Moon” is a Cinematic Short Surf Film Trailer Featuring John Florence and Directed By Blake Vincent Kueny.

Filmed and Directed by:  Blake Vincent Kueny

Created by and Starring:  John Florence

Produced by:  Brain Farm Cinema

View From A Blue Moon Cinematic Surf Short Film Trailer Featuring John Florence Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny in 2015

Narrated by:  John C. Reilly

Original Music by:  Jack Johnson

View From A Blue Moon Cinematic Surf Short Film Trailer Featuring John Florence Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny 2015

“See the sport of surfing as it’s never been captured before in John Florence and Blake Vincent Kueny’s second signature release, in association with award-winning film studio, Brain Farm. The first surf film shot entirely in 4K, View From a Blue Moon follows the world’s most dynamic surfer John Florence and his closest friends from his home on the North Shore of Oahu to his favorite surfing destinations around the globe. From the dreamy blue perfection of the South Pacific to the darkest uncharted waters of Africa (and everywhere in between), Florence faces a broad spectrum of emotions as he continues to seal his legacy as one of the most gifted surfers ever. And while the young Hawaiian is pulled in increasingly different directions, there is no form of pressure that will keep him from his ultimate goal — to redefine what is possible in the ocean.”

Website:  http://brainfarmcinema.com/viewfromabluemoon/

“She Sings To The Stars”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer Directed By Jennifer Corcoran (2015)

“She Sings To The Stars” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer Directed By Jennifer Corcoran.

Written and Directed by:  Jennifer Corcoran

Produced by: Jonathon Corcoran
Cinematography by:  John DeFazio
Original Music by: Michael Stearns

She Sings to the Stars Cinematic Poem Short Film Trailer Directed by Jennifer Corcoran in 2015

“A Native American grandmother, who seems to live very simply alone in the desert, actually inhabits a world that her half-Hispanic grandson and an aging white magician, stranded at her doorstep, are surprised to rediscover.

Premiered November 3, 2014, at the 39th American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco, with nominations for Best Actress (Fannie Loreto) and Best Supporting Actor (Jesus Mayorga).”

Website:  http://www.shesingstothestars.com/

“Legendary – The City Through Time”: A Cinematic Documentary Film Trailer On Toledo, Spain Directed By Fran Fernandez (2014)

 “Legendary · The City Through Time” is a cinematic documentary short film trailer on the city of Toledo, Spain directed by Fran Fernandez. 
Filmed and Directed by:  Fran Fernandez
Produced by:  David Utrilla and Fran Fernandez

“Jerusalem”: A Cinematic IMAX Short Film Trailer Narrated By Benedict Cumberbatch Directed By Daniel Ferguson (2013)

“Jerusalem” is a cinematic narrated short film trailer presented by National Geographic. Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Written and Directed by:  Daniel Ferguson

Written by:  Sheila Curran

Music by:  Michael Brook

Cinematography:  Reed Smoot

Filmed for the first time in 3D and for the giant screen, JERUSALEM immerses audiences into one of the world’s most beloved cities. Discover why this tiny piece of land is sacred to three major religions through the stories of Jewish, Christian and Muslim families who call Jerusalem home.

Join renowned archaeologist, Dr. Jodi Magness, as she travels underground to solve some of this city’s greatest mysteries. Find out why, after thousands of years, Jerusalem and the Holy Land continue to stir the imagination of billions of people. Unprecedented access to the city’s holiest sites, as well as rare and breathtaking aerial footage of the Old City and the Holy Land, combine to make JERUSALEM a unique and stunning cinematic experience.

Websites:  jerusalemthemovie.com

“Estasi”: A Cinematic Music Short Film Trailer Featuring Composer Luca D’Alberto Directed By Ivan D’Antonio (2014)

“Estasi” is a cinematic music film trailer featuring music composed by Luca D’Alberto directed by Ivan D’Antonio.

Directed by:  Ivan D’Antonio

Music Composed by: Luca D’Alberto
Choreographers/Dancers:  Ditta Miranda and Damiano Ottavio Bigi
Produced by:  Michele Placido (Goldenart Production)

This official trailer released after two years from the start of the project that was filmed in Wuppertal (Germany), Rome and Abruzzo.  Featuring music and dance produced by Luca D’Alberto.  and two great artists: Dtiia Miranda and Damiano Ottavio Bigi. Produced by Golden Art by Michele Placido.

Website:  http://www.ivandantonio.it/

“Angels And Insects”: A Cinematic Short Film Trailer Of A.S. Byatt Stage Adaptation Directed By Juliet Forster (2013)

“Angels and Insects” is a cinematic narrated short film trailer for the York Theater Royal production directed by Juliet Forster.

Directed by:  Juliet Forster

Produced by:  York Theatre Royal

Adaptation of Novel by:  A.S. Byatt

Cello Music Composed by:  Bach, Vivaldi, Verdi, Schumann, Beethoven and Saint-Saens

An Amazonian explorer and entomologist, returning home shipwrecked and penniless to Victorian England, is taken in by a wealthy aristocrat. Whilst employed to catalogue his benefactor’s collection of insects, he falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious daughter of the household.

However, this is not the rags to riches romance it first appears, and he discovers the family’s perfect facade hides unexpectedly grim secrets, in a tale of lust, love and betrayal.

Review article:  http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/leisure/theatre/10367025.Review__Angels___Insects__York_Theatre_Royal_Studio/

Website:  http://www.yorktheatreroyal.co.uk/

“Estrellas del Bicentenario – Yucatan”: A Cinematic Promotional Short Film Directed By Diego Pernía (2010)

“Bicentennial Stars – Yucatan” is a cinematic television promo short film and the sixth Yucatan Mexico State produced by Filmmates.

Directed by:  Diego Pernía

Produced by:  Pedro Torres

Director of Photography: David Torres Castilla

Original Music and Lyrics: Gustavo Farias

Estrellas del Bicentenario YUCATAN Dirigido Por Diego Pernía

“And the bunting and kapok, the shells and jade,

Paint my soul beautiful colors.

Where water falls in love in the sun, and the romance is born.

My beautiful land .. Yucatan”

“Bicentennial Stars – Yucatan” is a cinematic television promo short film and the sixth Yucatan Mexico State produced by Filmmates.