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“Elements”: A Cinematic Poem Aerial Short Film In Africa And Iceland By Bernat Eguiluz (2015)

“Elements” is a Cinematic Poem Aerial Short Film In Africa And Iceland Featuring an Original Poem by Elan Grug Muse Directed By Bernat Eguiluz.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Bernat Eguiluz

Music by:   Angus MacRae (“Tides”)

Original Poem: Elan Grug Muse
Narrated by: Jasen Anthony

Elements Cinematic Poem Aerial Short Film in Africa and Iceland Directed by Bernat Eguiluz in 2015

“Elements” is an aerial film made as a tribute to nature, and its aim was to not only to show you this majestic landscapes, but also to capture the rawness of it.

I’ve been travelling around for a long time, and have been left breathless admiring the spectacularity of these landscapes, and felt a need to film them and share it with the rest of you with this tribute to the planet we live in.

The different locations its been shot in, include Iceland and the deserts of Morocco and Tunisia, throughout the year.”

Website:  http://bernateguiluz.com/