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“Seat 22-Trans-Siberian Odyssey”: A Cinematic Short Film Directed By Stanislas Giroux (2014)

“Seat 22-Trans-Siberian Odyssey” is a Cinematic Short Film through Russia, Mongolia and China Directed By Stanislas Giroux.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Stanislas Giroux

Music Composed by:   Two Steps From Hell  (“Starfall”)

Filmmaker Stanislas Giroux
Filmmaker Stanislas Giroux

“Three minutes of video for three weeks of travel, three countries, three cultures (and three tee-shirts in my backpack !). I took a train ticket for the Trans-Siberian railway, in order to reach Beijing from Moscow, crossing Mongolia. I travelled alone with my bag, half-filled with my video gear. At that time, I didn’t knew that my ticket for that seat 22 would be the beginning of a once in a lifetime journey.”

Seat 22-Trans-Siberian Odyssey cinematic short film directed by Stanislas Giroux 2014


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