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“Edge Of The Sea”: A Cinematic Poem Nature Short Film Directed By Angel Marin (2018)

“Edge Of The Sea”: A Cinematic Poem Nature Short Film In California Wilderness Directed By Angel Marin.

Filmed and Directed by: Angel Marin

Edge Of The Sea Cinematic Poem Nature Short Film Directed By Angel Marin (2018)

Produced, Written and Narrated by: Josh Berry
Edited by: Galut Alarcón
Original Score by: Chris Klotz
Starring: Joyce Hu and Mary Tran

“Edge of the Sea is a love poem by Marlin Ray for the wilderness coast of California.”

Edge Of The Sea Cinematic Poem Nature Short Film Directed By Angel Marin (2018)

“Edge of the Sea” by Marlin Ray

Soft dust wraps us in its rough embrace, 
sea salt air dense with water. 
Sunrise sea change 
embraces the blue
dirt gives from the earth
soft kelp sleeve
and urchin wrap. 
crayfish covering 
and grey waves. 
For these I sing my song. 
Seaweed circus
of youthful shouts 
bottomless marine world
of chance and glee. 
The quiet line of breaking ocean, 
for these I sing my song. 
Hills slide to the edge of the sea 
always fitting perfectly. 
Everywhere the colors shout and twist 
making joy and rain. 
for these we sing our song.

Edge Of The Sea Cinematic Poem Nature Short Film Directed By Angel Marin (2018)

Website: https://marlinray.com/


“The Problem Of The Wilderness”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed By Tom Welsh (2017)

“The Problem Of The Wilderness” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film In Alaska Featring Excerpts of Book by Bob Marshall Directed By Tom Welsh.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Tom Welsh


Music by: Bob Bradley
Narrated by: Daniel Dorse

“I went to Alaska for New Year with my friend Dan. We spent a week travelling North from Anchorage by rail, 4×4 & light aircraft.

The verse is from a book I found in our cabin that really resonated with the journey. Marshall was an environmental activist who wrote extensively about Alaska in the early 20th Century.”


“The Problem of the Wilderness” by Bob Marshall (1930)

It is well to reflect that the wilderness furnishes perhaps the best opportunity for pure esthetic enjoyment. This requires that beauty be observed as a unity, and that for the brief duration of any pure esthetic experience the cognition of the observed object must completely fill the spectator’s cosmos. There can be no extraneous thoughts—no question about the creator of the phenomenon, its structure, what it resembles or what vanity in the beholder it gratifies. “The purely esthetic observer has for the moment forgotten his own soul”;11 he has only one sensation left and that is exquisiteness. In the wilderness, with its entire freedom from the manifestations of human will, that perfect objectivity which is essential for pure esthetic rapture can probably be achieved more readily than among any other forms of beauty.


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