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“I Am The Spirit”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed By Krystian Artur Bielatowicz (2021)

“I Am The Spirit” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed by Krystian Artur Bielatowicz.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Krystian Artur Bielatowicz

The film “I am the spirit” is the second part of the “I am” trilogy.
Film by Krystian Artur Bielatowicz / Light Keeper.

“I am”, part I:

“Ode To My Father”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed By Mike Bekos (2015)

“Ode To My Father”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film Featuring David Romano Poem “When Tomorrow Starts Without Me” Directed by Mike Bekos.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Mike Bekos

Narrated by:  Tom O’Bedlam

Ode To My Father cinematic poem short film directed by Mike Bekos 2015


When tomorrow starts without me
And I’m not here to see
If the sun should rise and find your eyes
All filled with tears for me

I wish you wouldn’t cry
The Way you did today
While thinking of the many things
We did not get to say

I know how much you love me
As much as I love you
Each time that you think of me
I know you will miss me too

When tomorrow starts with out me
Please try to understand
That an angel came and called my name
And took me by the hand

The angel said my place was ready
In heaven far above
And That I would have to leave behind
All those I Dearly Love

But When I walked through Heaven’s Gates
I felt so much at home
When GOD looked down and smiled at me
From his golden throne

He said This Is Eternity
And All I promised you
Today for life on earth is done
But Here it starts a new

I promise no tomorrow
For today will always last
And Since each day’s the exact same way
There is no longing for the past

So When Tomorrow starts without me
Do not think we’re apart
For every time you think of me
Remember I’m right here in your heart
Website:  http://vimeo.com/mbekosreel

“Two Fifty Three Kelvin”: A Cinematic Short Film Of Winter In Sweden By Bart van der Gaag (2011)

“Two Fifty Three Kelvin” is a Cinematic Short Film Of Winter In Sweden Filmed and Directed By Bart van der Gaag.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Bart van der Gaag

Music Composed by:  Armand Amar & Lévon Minassian (“Hovern’ engan”)

At 253° Kelvin ( -4°f, -20°C) the world is caught in a silent, frozen moment.

Website:  http://bartvandergaag.zenfolio.com/

“Nature Weeps”: A Cinematic Short Film Dedicated To Newtown, CT Victims Directed By Paul Frederick (2013)

“Nature Weeps” is a cinematic short film dedicated to Newtown, CT victims featuring Hans Zimmer composition directed by Paul Frederick.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Paul Frederick

Music Composed by:  Hans Zimmer (“Aurora”)

Dedicated to all those we lost in Newtown, CT on December 14th, 2012. This video uses a haunting song written by Hans Zimmer called “Aurora” that he created for the victims of the shooting at a movie theater in Colorado this past summer.

Nature Weeps

Website:  http://hdadirondacks.com/