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“Built From Within”: A Cinematic Poem Short Film In Wyoming By Janssen Powers (2020)

“Built From Within” is a Cinematic Poem Short Film Featuring Ansel Adams Directed By Janssen Powers.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Janssen Powers

Narration by: Ansel Adams
Sound Design/ Mix by: Steve Horne
Score by: Janssen Powers & Harrison Allen

My wife and I disappeared into the Rocky Mountains for a week last summer on a mission to complete the Teton Crest Trail. We decided to bring my 16mm camera along to document the 40-mile trek, figuring that the footage would last a lot longer than any bruises made by our heavy packs.

In hindsight, now going on six-weeks cooped up inside a NYC apartment, deciding to shoot this trip feels like one of the best decisions we’ve made. Like many of us in these uncertain times, I’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster lately, but this footage has given me an escape.

Here’s to hoping that someone else can find some solace in it as well. Happy Earth Day.



“Forgotten Spaces”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film Of Wyoming’s Red Desert Directed By Nicolaus Wegner (2014)

“Forgotten Spaces” is a Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film Of Wyoming’s Red Desert Directed By Nicolaus Wegner.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Nicolaus Wegner

Music Composed by:  Tony Anderson  (“Diana”)

Forgotten Spaces Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film Of Wyoming's Red Desert Directed By Nicolaus Wegner 2014

“Forgotten Spaces: Wyoming’s Red Desert showcases special wild landscapes in Wyoming’s Red Desert including but not limited to, the Honeycomb Buttes WSA, Oregon Buttes WSA, Whitehorse Creek WSA, Sand Dunes WSA, and Harris Slough. This is only a small sampling of the scenic values contained in the Red Desert. The landscapes within this vast expanse of southwest Wyoming are comparable to national parks in other states.

While you view the spectacular Red Desert please keep in mind that the Red Desert currently has no long term legal protection that will adequately protect its values from thoughtless oil and gas development. Wyoming Wilderness Association (WWA) is working to change this. Our work is motivated by the values of the Red Desert and our supporters that make our work possible.”

Website:  http://www.wildwyo.org/

“Primordial”: A Cinematic Short Film In Grand Tetons And Yellowstone Filmed And Directed By Charley Voorhis (2013)

“Primordial” is a cinematic short film in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks filmed and directed by Charley Voorhis.

Filmed and Directed by:  Charley Voorhis

Music Composed by:  Sigur Rós (“”Bíum bíum bambaló“)

Blog post about the experience here: voortexproductions.com/blog/

Lyrics translated from Icelandic:

Bíum bíum bambaló,
Bambaló and dillidillidó
My little friend I lull to rest
But outside, a face looms at the window

When the mighty mountains
Fill your chest with burning desire,
I will play the langspil
And soothe your mind

Bíum bíum bambaló,
Bambaló and dillidillidó
My little friend I lull to rest
But outside, a face looms at the window

When the cruel storms rage
And the dark blizzard crouches above,
I shall light five candles
And drive away the winter shadows

“Thinlines”: Cinematic Action Sports Short Film On Snowkiting Directed By Will Taggart (2014)

Directed and Filmed By: Will Taggart

Camera & Effects: Pascal Joubert, Wayne Phillips

Thinlines is a cinematic snowkite short documenting the last 2 months of the 2014 season. This video was shot at a number of places in the Jackson, Wy area including 3 Waters Mountain in the Wind Rivers, the Absaroka’s, the Buffalo Plateau, Togwotee, and a little Bondo. Many of these shots are documenting the first snowkite sessions ever in these locations.

We’re taking our filming and snowkiting to new places each time. We are excited to say that aside from the shot of lines in the intro there wasn’t a single tripod, glidecam, or slider used in this video. GoPro mounts on kites, skis, RC plane, and helmets. The DSLR was all filmed by hand. We are taking stabilization a step further with zen focus practice and proper editing. This may be one of the most cutting edge aspects of this film along with the snowkiting itself. This filming and editing technique will undoubtedly move to other expedition oriented sports since you can give a cinematic feel to a video with nothing but the camera and your hands in the backcountry.